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Professional Sod Installation in the Piedmont Triad

Professional sod installation to bring your yard back to life

Have you noticed any brown patches in your grass lately? Perhaps your lawn is looking a little less lush than it used to? There is a chance you need to look into professional sod installation. Landscape Solutions and Design is a professional, reliable landscaping company with years of experience in laying sod. In order to get your yard back to the pristine lushness you are accustomed to, you need our help. Once a yard has begun to die, it can be a difficult process to bring it back to life. While laying sod may seem like something that can be done by the homeowner, we assure you it is worth the time to hire a team of experts. There are many elements to consider before choosing the appropriate grass type for your unique soil conditions. Installing the wrong grass, or making a mistake in scheduling the project, can result in an expensive job to make corrections or start over. Landscape Solutions and Design has spent over 10 years serving the Triad and its lawns. Our experts understand the value of carefully assessing the soil and sunlight conditions before choosing the sod for your property. If your lawn is looking a bit on the frail side, call us today.

What is sod?

When some people think of restoring their lawn, they immediately think of laying grass seed. This is a much less effective process than laying sod. Grass seed needs the soil it is sown into to already be stable enough to grow, which is often not the case. Grass seed can fail depending on things such as time of year and weather the day you plant it. Sod, on the other hand, is essentially grass that is already growing. Taking a section of sod and laying it over your existing yard will give you a fuller, healthier yard in hardly any time at all. Sod is also very easy to care for once a professional has installed it, as it requires much less water than growing grass from seeds. If you are looking for an easy, reliable method to restore your yard, sod is absolutely the only way to go.

What are problems that non-professional installers can run into?

When installing sod, there are a few easy mistakes that an inexperienced installer can make. The biggest one is that the ground must be prepped for sod to healthily take root. A non-professional will have much more trouble recognizing whether or not the ground is ready for sod to be installed. Much like grass seed, time of year and weather can also play a factor (though granted not as large a one) in whether your sod takes root. Simply put, professional sod installation is the only way to go if you want the guarantee of your lawn returning to its former self. If you are sick of looking at those horrid brown patches in your yard, it is time to call Landscape Solutions and Design.

Landscape Solutions and Design can help

Since 2006, Landscape Solutions and Design has proudly served residents of the Triad and surrounding areas. Our mission has always been to deliver the absolute best yard work services, including landscaping and hardscaping. For any outdoor need, you can rest assured that Landscape Solutions and Design will work quickly and efficiently to give you the yard you have always wanted. Call for your free consultation, and let’s get started on the yard you deserve.