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Custom, Professional Residential Lighting Design

Landscape-Lighting-Can-Improve-Your-Home-In-Many-WaysBrighten up your home with residential lighting design

Residential lighting design is an art. Utilized properly, it can add depth to your yard’s existing features. Tastefully arranging residential lighting is a specialty of Landscape Solutions and Design. Using low lights, highlights, and shadow lighting, we can show you your yard as you’ve never seen it before. Your yard is beautiful in the day time; can you say the same at night? Don’t let your hard work go to waste when the sun goes down. Add an ethereal element of lighting design and bring your yard to life, even after the world goes to sleep. Landscape Solutions and Design is always available to discuss any residential lighting design ideas. We are ready to get started creating your nighttime vision today.

Make a world of difference with professional lighting

Lighting is perfect for yards with stand-out features. Any large trees, stones, flags, or outdoor living spaces can benefit from professional lighting. Highlight your yard’s best features using up-lighting. As you may imagine, up-lighting refers to taking a light and tilting it upwards to highlight a feature of your yard. This effect is beautiful and striking when used on trees or shrubs. A dramatic, dreamy effect is created using up-lighting. If you prefer something a little more low key, perhaps you may consider down-lighting. Down-lighting, as opposed to up-lighting, is faced downwards from a high point, giving a deepened, shadowy effect. Still dramatic and beautiful, down-lighting is perfect for illuminating a garden or walkway. Professional lighting gives you a stunning new vision of your own home. There are so many ways to give your yard a new breath of life using nothing but lighting.

Shadow lighting creates beautiful, natural murals

The use of shadow lighting is growing ever more popular. For this effect, a light can be placed underneath a structure with interesting shape. If this structure is in front of a wall of your home, it creates a natural shadow effect, like a mural across your wall. This effect is popular for those who have bushes or shrubs in front of their home. Professional lighting simply takes advantage of existing structures around your home, yard, and garden, and brings them to life in a brand new way. It’s easy to see why residential lighting has become so popular in the past few years. An easy, clean way to add unique, fun depth to your home is available when you consider professional residential lighting from Landscape Solutions and Design.

Landscape Solutions and Design is ready to brighten up your home

Adding lighting to your walkways around your home is another way to add depth and an element of safety to your outdoor space. Ensure that neither you nor your guests trip on your sidewalk, while also gaining the advantage of aesthetically pleasing lighting. Residential lighting design is a wholly creative way to give your home character and appeal. If you think the time is right to consider professional lighting, give Landscape Solutions and Design a call. We are always ready to help you create the best outdoor space possible.