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Fire Pit Design Options For Any North Carolina Backyard

Fire-PitsAre you looking to turn your North Carolina home into the meeting place for friends and family during endless summer (and spring and fall) nights? Few outdoor landscaping features bring people together like a fire pit.

This backyard design element offers several benefits, including warmth, light, and a focal point to foster closeness and conversations. The smoke also helps repel bugs so you don’t have to worry about mosquito bites while you relax with friends and family.

Best of all, you can extend the outdoor party season late into fall and begin partying earlier in the spring, as people enjoy the natural heat of the fire to stay cozy and warm. From campfire songs to stargazing, the right backyard design solutions will make your home feel like a perpetual vacation getaway as you toast s’mores and relax every night of the week.

Fire Pit Placement In Your North Carolina Backyard
Like an indoor fireplace or even the flat screen TV in your media room, your fire pit is bound to become the focal point of outdoor entertaining. Think about where your family and friends normally gather, and see if it will fit there.

Many homeowners who entertain outdoors have distinct areas for lounging and for eating. Your fire pit may be placed in the center of the lounging area with comfortable seating around it, although it’s also possible to place it somewhat closer to the dining table to create an ambiance when family and guests gather for meals. In this situation, two firepits wouldn’t be overkill, but would add to the luxurious atmosphere of your backyard.

Work with your landscape design professional to determine the main paths for foot traffic, children’s play areas, and even the distance away from the pool to put your fire pit in an optimal location.  It should always be located at least 10 feet away from any other structures, including your outdoor kitchen, a shed, or your home, and from any potentially combustible surfaces. You can read more safety tips from Landscape Solutions & Design here: https://triadlandscapingservices.com/5-fire-pit-safety-tips/.

Bring Backyard Elements Together With a Fire Pit
The perfect outdoor fire place for your home and family should match the other design elements of your backyard and the surrounding area. A backyard that mimics the feel of an oriental garden may lean toward a simple brick or stone structure with straight, symmetrical lines. An ultra-modern home may need a gleaming metallic encasement. If your outdoor surroundings lend themselves to luxury and comfort, bring the indoors out with an outdoor fireplace with intricate masonry.  On the other hand, if you’re the camping type, a simple, natural-looking rock structure may be all you need to roast marshmallows and enjoy a natural landscape in the great outdoors without ever leaving your North Carolina backyard.

Fire pits can be powered by propane for greater consistency, or you may decide you want the natural look, feel, and scent of wood. Whatever you decide, this luxury addition to your backyard will keep the fire well-contained for safety, while contributing to the unique look and atmosphere that makes your family comfortable and your yard a gathering place for friends and family.

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