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Your Home’s Hardscape Should Express Your Imagination

Hardscape ProjectMerriam-Webster defines “hardscape” as “structures (as fountains, benches, or gazebos) that are incorporated into a landscape.” Random House defines it as “the manmade part of the grounds surrounding a building, as paved areas or statues.” And, The Free Dictionary says it’s “the part of a building’s grounds consisting of structures, such as patios, retaining walls and walkways, made with hard materials.” But, the professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design think those definitions are too boring to describe the beautiful things we can create in your yard!

Of course, a hardscape feature can be functional, such as a driveway from the street to your garage or the sidewalk from your curb to the front door or a retaining wall that prevents erosion. But, open up your mind and let your imagination soar. Envision a beautiful serpentine boundary of rock that gracefully encompasses your property. Picture a multi-level patio/deck with upscale grilling and entertainment areas. Visualize a peaceful footpath winding through your garden with strategically-placed seating and a water feature. We at Landscape Solutions & Design can help you plan, design and install the features of your dreams.

What hardscape component do you wish you could incorporate into your family’s outdoor environment? If you have a wide expanse of grassy land, you may want to break the monotony with a gazebo that shelters a lovely bench amid a beautiful flower bed or a pond with bird-attracting plants and tranquil reading areas. Perhaps you have a small urban yard and your family would enjoy an outdoor kitchen or a welcoming fire pit to host neighborhood gatherings. Or, you may have a grand impressive home that deserves a pair of gracious fountains and striking lighting to show it off. Landscape Solutions will use our design software to bring your vision to life; you can make adjustments on the spot and see exactly how your dream will be fulfilled.

Other Services

In addition to the design and installation of hardscape features, you can rely on us for maintenance. We will mow and water your lawn regularly, as well as fertilize, aerate and seed it each year to maintain a lush, beautiful carpet of green across your property. We will accent your shrubs and planted areas with mulch and pine needles to hold in moisture and prevent weed growth. We will prune your trees and eliminate dead branches before they become hazards. And, during the winter, you can depend on us for snow and ice removal to keep your family safe and your home welcoming.

We understand that outdoor lighting is a landscaping feature a lot of homeowners forget about. But, we know that the right effects will make your home memorable. Up lighting can emphasize turrets, roof lines, gazebos or any architectural detail that you want to highlight. Down lights, mounted on trees or poles, give the effect of moonlight across your lawn. And, of course, path lighting is a safety feature as well as giving a soft, romantic glow.