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Drainage and Irrigation

Searching For An Ideal Irrigation Greensboro NC Contractor?

Summer months in the Piedmont area of North Carolina can be scorching. While people can retreat into air conditioning, plants can experience stress and dehydration. Although frequent watering can help vegetation stay healthy, we’re often too busy to maintain a schedule. Finding an ideal irrigation... Read More >

patio design with pavers
Outdoor Living

Unique Patio Design With Pavers Requires An Experienced Team

Today’s homeowners want beautiful, outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxing. One of the best ways to improve your yard and gain added living space is to install a patio. While a concrete slab is the most economical choice, it’s also very boring. If you want... Read More >

yard leveling near me
Commercial Projects

Opt For Professional Yard Leveling Near Me For Best Results

Sometimes, people will use yard grading and leveling interchangeably. Although related, each varies slightly in scope. Yet, both are important to create a stable, well-drained, and beautiful yard. When searching for yard leveling near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Distinctions Between Yard Grading... Read More >

build outdoor fireplace
Fire Pit

Build Outdoor Fireplace – Benefits For Homes And Businesses

Fires are natural attractions, drawing people into their spheres of warmth. From the mesmerizing dancing flames to the earthy smell, it’s hard to resist the draw of a fire. Moreover, there’s never been a better time to build outdoor fireplace in your backyard! Furthermore, Landscape... Read More >

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Inground Pool Installation – Factors To Consider Before You Begin

Every summer, you wish you had an oasis of cool, blue water a few feet away. Installing an inground swimming pool in your backyard can...
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Our Favorite Backyard Waterfall Designs for Every Budget

Here at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we love creating backyard oases for our clients. One of the best ways to turn a boring backyard...
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Seeding a Lawn (Part 2)

  Once your soil is prepared, the actual seeding process is a breeze. Simply spread out the right amount of grass seed, and make sure...
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5 Landscaping Ideas for May

Summer has not quite arrived yet, but it's a great time to give your lawn or patio a great landscaping makeover for the upcoming months...
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Using Bushes and Shrubbery to Enhance Your Landscape

There are many different ways to accent your existing landscape; one of the most popular is the use of bushes and shrubbery. A shrub is...
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Retaining Walls for Residential and Commercial Properties

A retaining wall is an artificial structure which serves to resist the pressure of soil when a change in ground elevation exceeds the angle of...
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