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Using Bushes and Shrubbery to Enhance Your Landscape

Commercial-Retaining-WallThere are many different ways to accent your existing landscape; one of the most popular is the use of bushes and shrubbery. A shrub is a plant which is smaller than most trees, having many small stems or branches originated at or close to the ground. Color and hue of shrubs range widely, from shades of burgundy and gold, to almost all shades of greens and many colors in between. Shrubs can be used not only to define an area or create a border, but also as standalone objects of art by trimming to a desired appearance. Many parks and public locations utilize shrubbery to enhance and beautify an area of interest, as they bring much more depth to an otherwise nondescript landscape.


One of the primary uses of shrubbery is the creation of a defining border around a given area. Tall, dense shrubs and bushes not only provide a veil of privacy for the contained property, but also as a sort of natural fence to contain and protect both young children and pets, and guard against unwanted wild animals such as deer.

Another largely popular use of shrubbery involves accenting a garden or area of interest on the property. Larger shrubs can also be employed in this manner, to add dimension to an otherwise flat garden or hardscape. Additionally, these larger plants can provide shade and act as a wind barrier in outdoor seating areas. Some smaller shrubs and bushes can be potted, and placed at your discretion as decorative ornamental pieces. Planted shrubs also work wonderfully as accents for pathways or sidewalks, and nature trails. In many cases, property owners choose to make use of shrubbery as topiary – the art of training and trimming plants to produce ornamental shapes. The creators of topiary art use wire framework to train a plant to grow to into a particular size or shape. These works are not only appealing, but serve as an inevitable conversation piece for visitors, and can greatly enhance the appeal of your landscape.

The greatest benefit many shrubs bring is a lack of maintenance requirements. Many shrubs require very little care, such as the azalea family. Plants such as these are very resilient, and only require occasional trimming and perhaps a watering from time to time in more arid climates. Some other types of shrubs will require more attention, watering, and trimming.