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Landscape Solutions Knows Where to Buy Bulk Mulch Near Me!

where to buy bulk mulch near meAre you on the hunt for where to buy bulk mulch near me? Have you considered avoiding the hassle and hiring a professional landscaping team to take care of it for you? A lot of work goes into using mulch in a yard; such as, finding the right type of mulch and placing it all down.

From finding the perfect mulch to laying it down correctly, Landscape Solutions and Design takes care of it all. If you are ready to let us help you with your mulch and landscaping needs, then call us today at 336-442-0160. Or, complete our simple contact form to request a free quote.

Our latest blog discusses everything you need to know about mulch. Therefore, read on to learn more about this important landscaping feature.

Mulch – The Understated Landscaping Element

What do you think about when you hear the word, landscaping? When most people think landscaping, they often think trees, flowers, and lawncare. However, they tend to overlook mulch. Consequently, this is a major oversite as mulch is an important and aesthetic landscaping element when done properly.

Purpose of Mulch

While many people might lay mulch, they often do not fully understand its diverse benefits. Below are a few advantages to using mulch in your landscaping.

  • Soil nourishment – organic mulch helps nourish your soil over time.
  • Weed suppression – mulch stops sunlight from reaching weeds, which naturally prevents their growth.
  • Water conservation – mulch allows soil to retain water better, leading to a lower need of water for your soil.
  • Temperature regulation – mulch is known to insulate roots and protect them from high or low temperatures.
  • Erosion prevention – mulch acts as a ‘blanket’ to keep your soil from eroding due to wind or water runoff.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Finally, mulch provides tons of curb appeal. Whether you have roses or a dogwood tree, it helps your plants pop!

Types of Mulch

There are two types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Below are some common options for each type of mulch.

  • Organic
    • Chopped leaves
    • Straw
    • Grass clippings
    • Compost
    • Wood chips
    • Shredded bark
    • Sawdust
    • Pine needles
  • Inorganic
    • Black plastic
    • Geotextiles (Landscape fabrics)

While both are great at preventing weeds and erosion, only organic mulch breaks down and provides nourishment benefits for your soil. However, inorganic mulch, such as, black plastic, tends to be the most popular choice for vegetable gardens.

Commercial Versus Residential Mulch Services

At Landscape Solutions & Design, we offer mulch services for both commercial and residential landscaping clients. We understand not only the importance of mulch, but how the needs differ between commercial and residential properties. For example, many commercial properties have areas with trees in their parking lots that need mulching. Whereas residential properties tend to need it most in flower beds in the front or back of their house. Additionally, pine needles tend to be among the most popular choice for commercial landscaping.

We service the entire Piedmont Triad, including Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, and Mocksville. Plus, we provide landscaping services for the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas.

Frequently Asked Mulch Questions

Still have some questions on mulch? Never fear, that is what our frequently asked questions section is for. Read on to find out some of the commonly asked questions related to mulch and get the answers you’re looking for. Need more help or ready for your own mulch landscaping quote? Call us today at 336-442-0160 and we are ready to help!

How much do mulch landscaping services cost?

The actual cost of mulch depends on the amount, color, and type. When you hire a landscaper, like Landscape Solutions & Design, the final cost varies upon several factors. Two major factors that impact cost are:

  • Type of mulch used
  • Additional landscaping services requested

At our free consultations and on our quote requests, we ask a variety of questions to determine exactly what your unique landscaping needs are. From there, we provide a detailed estimate with more specific pricing for your landscaping services.

What kind of mulch is the cheapest?

When it comes to purchasing at a home goods store, inorganic mulch tends to be cheaper than organic. However, that is not always the case. It really depends on the store and which type of mulch you are considering purchasing. The color of the mulch also plays a role in its cost.

How many cubic feet is a truckload of mulch?

The average bag of mulch holds 2 cubic feet. How much a truck will hold depends on the depth and length of the truck bed. A standard short-bed pickup typically holds 1.5 cubic yards of material.

Around how many bags of mulch do I need for my yard?

Like many of the questions above, this will vary greatly depending on where you plan to place mulch in your yard. That is one reason why a professional landscaper is a great choice for completing this task. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of the process, including knowing exactly how much you need!

Stop Your Search for Where to Buy Bulk Mulch Near Me – Let Landscape Solutions Help!

When you select Landscape Solutions and Design you can stop your search for where to buy bulk mulch near me. Our experienced team will take care of it all for you! This allows you to avoid the headache of doing this work yet reap the benefits still! Don’t wait any longer. Spring is here and your yard needs our help! Call us today at 336-442-0160 to request a free quote.

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