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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

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Commercial Maintenance Services

Maintaining the landscape around your business is vital to keeping it looking nice and neat. It is important to mow the grass regularly, aerate and seed once a year, fertilize when necessary, and water it in the proper months. Tree maintenance is good to remember as well, including removing trees that are growing out of control or are not growing well. This can save you time later by not having to pick up as many fallen branches or leaves.

Next, it is important to use mulch and pine needles in natural areas to keep your flowers, shrubs and trees healthy. During the winter months it is important to keep your landscape free of snow so your customers will have access to your business regardless of weather. If they can’t get to you they can’t shop with you.

If your business is located in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem or in the Charlotte or Lake Norman area, we would be happy to maintain your commercial property and keep your landscaping looking its best!

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

If you want your business to look nice, it is important to keep up the grassy area. This means mowing and weed-eating regularly. Also, it is important to water these areas in the hot and dry months. We also suggest applying pesticides and herbicides in accordance with our maintenance schedule which can be seen on our website. Leaf removal in the fall months is important as well to keep your property looking neat. We additionally advise you to keep your flowers maintained in accordance with our maintenance schedule. We are highly trained at keeping landscapes beautiful and we can do this for your commercial property as well. Call us today and sign up for one of our affordable landscape maintenance schedules!

Commercial Aeration & Seeding

The condition of soil is another important condition contributing to the health of grass. Many landscapes in North Carolina have highly compacted soil which can smother the grass by not letting it roots grow freely and keeping it from receiving the proper amount of water and oxygen. Compacted soil also causes runoff of water which does not give much nourishment to the grass as many nutrients and minerals are carried via water. Also, the thatch layer is an important aspect as it prevents evaporation and the movement of oxygen and water. The thatch layer is the layer between the grass and the soil and when it overgrows it can be detrimental to your turf. The most effective way to correct these problems is to have your lawn area aerated at least once per year. In aeration, 2-3 inch plugs are removed and left on the surface of the ground. This allows water and oxygen to flow freely and also lets roots grow the way they need to. After aeration, it is wise to seed your grass. Adding a mixture of seed or new variations will add to the thickness, health and color of the turf and may also cause it to be resilient to insects and diseases. When you want your lawn area aerated and seeded call us and we can take care of it for you!

Commercial Landscaping

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In landscape design, flowers often play a key role. They provide attractive foliage, flowers and fruits and can help define space. Flowers can add beauty to your commercial landscape and can become a key component to its architecture. We specialize in planting flowers on commercial landscapes so call us today and let us handle the planting of flowers on your business’s property.

Commercial Mulch and Pine Needles

The health of your trees, shrubbery, plants and flowers can be benefited by the addition of pine needles and/or mulch. Mulch helps conserve moisture in the developing roots of young plants until they establish strong roots in deeper soil. Also, mulch helps deter weeds which can compete with growing plants for nutrients, light and water. Using pine needles has its benefits as well. Pine needles contain terpenes which help prevent the germination of weeds. Even though pine needles don’t hold as much moisture as bark, they still hold some moisture and help developing plants by providing shade for their developing roots. We provide commercial mulching and pine needling so call us today so we can make the natural areas around your business look as sharp as possible!

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Commercial Tree Removal Services

Commercial Tree Removal

Trees are a key part of many commercial landscapes but sometimes they can cause problems. They may become diseased, or overgrow onto the building or near power lines. These situations may cause you to want to remove the tree in question to preserve the beauty of your landscape. We have the skills to remove any tree, large or small. If you run into any of these problems with trees call us and let us remove it for you today!

Commercial Turf Fertilization

Businesses strive to have their turf and landscape look as appealing as possible. To accomplish this, it is imperative to keep the grass as healthy as we possibly can. Fertilization is one of the most essential practices in a lawn management program. Fertilization contributes to density, color, uniformity and growth rate of turf. Furthermore, properly nourished turf is more able to compete with weed invasions which can make your business look rough. It can also help grass fight off environmental stresses like floods and droughts. It is important to have a regular application schedule which is outlined in the maintenance schedule you can find on our website. Call us and let us take care of the fertilization for your commercial property today!

Commercial Snow Plowing

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Since North Carolina has sporadic winters, you never know when inclement weather is going to hit. This can be very frustrating for businesses as they have no idea when their customers may not have access to their building. We can take care of any winter service your business may need. For commercial winter services, we provide sidewalk shoveling snowplowing and salting for your business. Please contact us for a consultation and more information. When the snow hits, you can count on us to take care of your needs no matter what they may be!

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