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What to Look For When Searching Hardscapes Near Me

hardscapes near meIf you are on the hunt for hardscapes near me contractors and ideas, Landscape Solutions & Design has you covered in our latest blog. We discuss everything you should look for in the person designing and constructing your hardscape to all the various hardscape options that are available. You want to ensure you hire someone you have complete confidence in to design an outdoor living space you and your family will love for years to come. There are so many hardscape choices, that you might feel overwhelmed. In our blog below, we break all those down and provide the benefits of each. Still have questions? Don’t fret, simply give us a call at 336-442-0160 and we are happy to answer any questions!

Hardscapes Near Me – Who to Hire and What to Build?

There are two questions you should ask yourself when deciding on hardscapes for your home. Those questions are:

  1. What contractor is the best fit?
  2. Which hardscapes are right for you?

Hardscape Contractors

Let us start with question one… what contractor is the best fit? You want to hire someone to design and build your hardscapes that provides the following benefits:

  • Superior materials
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Third-party verification

These items listed above are crucial to consider when hiring a hardscapes contractor. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we are happy to share that we excel in all four of these points.

Superior Materials

You need to hire someone that understands which materials work best with the hardscape you want. For instance, they can let you know if pavers are a better choice than stone, or vice versa, depending on which hardscape you want. Experienced contractors also fully understand your budget and will select materials that fit within that budget, but do not impact quality. Our experienced team at Landscape Solutions always works closely with our clients to choose materials that are optimal for the client and their hardscape needs.

Excellent Customer Service

It is important to work with a team who is not only responsive, but professional in those responses. You need a professional that listens to your needs and wants, to create the hardscape you are envisioning. At Landscape Solutions, our customers are always our top priority. We always listen to our clients needs to design and construct hardscapes they absolutely adore.

Competitive Prices

You will want a hardscape contractor that offers competitive prices. In one sense you do not want someone priced so low the hardscape is poorly constructed. On the other hand, you also do not want to pay ‘an arm and a leg’ either. Landscape Solutions is proud to offer competitive pricing with all our hardscape and landscape services.

Third-party Verification

Just like any other service, it is always important to read past online reviews of the business. This gives you great third-party verification on the services they provide.

We are proud of our stellar customer reviews at Landscape Solutions. Below is a recent review from a satisfied client who we recently worked with on a variety of services.

I am a repeat customer with Kostas and the team. I did a simple paver patio with landscaping at our last house which turned out exactly as I had hoped. So, when we moved and needed another patio it was an easy choice. This time we added an outdoor kitchen, irrigation, and a fence to go with our landscaping and patio. Kostas was a one-stop shop for the entire yard. He and his team worked with us on every step of the way to ensure it turned out exactly how we wanted it!

To read more of our reviews visit this page.

Hardscape Options

Moving on to question two… Which hardscapes are right for you? There are numerous hardscape options to consider. Therefore, the process of choosing one or more can feel overwhelming.

Here are the top five main hardscape choices.

  1. Retaining walls
  2. Patio
  3. Outdoor kitchen
  4. Sidewalks & Driveway
  5. Outdoor fireplace or fire pit
Retaining Walls

There are many reasons why retaining walls are beneficial. One of the biggest advantages is they keep slopes intact. Consequently, they prevent damaging runoffs from heavy rainstorms.


Paver patios are a great choice for creating a space to sit and enjoy your backyard. They provide a sturdy surface to walk on and set up furniture on. When completed by a professional, they also are stunning spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy cooking a meal outdoors. You have everything you need to make lunch or dinner right in your own backyard! Here are some amazing ideas to get your creative juices going on the possibilities an outdoor kitchen offers homeowners.

Sidewalks & Driveway

Sidewalks and driveways are essential, but often overlooked parts of your yard. These spaces are vital to maintaining car and pedestrian flow to and from your house. Just because they are essential, does not mean they have to be boring though. An experienced hardscape designer can talk you through all your options and how to make them visually appealing.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Outdoor living is an increasingly popular service requested in landscape design. People want to enjoy nature at home more than ever. In North Carolina, it can get chilly even on summer nights, so an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the perfect solution for warmth. They are also an ideal way to roast marshmallows!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hardscapes

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding hardscapes. Still have questions? Simply, give us a call at 336-442-0160 and we are happy to answer those for you.

How much does hardscaping cost?

The scope of the project impacts the final price. For example, what materials you choose to use for your hardscape will change your final costs. However, at Landscape Solution we work with you to customize your project to your needs and budget.

What is the difference between hardscaping and landscaping?

Simply put, landscaping is all the ‘living’ services completed for your yard. Such as mowing or putting in planters. In contract, hardscaping is all the ‘non-living’ elements of your yard. For example, retaining walls or outdoor kitchens mentioned earlier in this blog.

How long will it take to complete my hardscape project?

Like cost, this is hard to determine without knowing the scope of your project. In our free price quotes, we provide more details on timelines once we know more about what your project will entail. Our team always works hard to stay on the timeline promised to our clients.

Ready to Create Your Ideal Hardscape?

Why wait any longer to have the backyard oasis of your dreams? At Landscape Solutions & Design, our experienced hardscape designers and contractors are ready to make this dream a reality for you. Call us today at 336-442-0160 to request a free price quote and get your hardscape project moving forward!