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Retaining Walls: The Solution You Need In Order to Create a Better Lawn

Retaining-WallsRetaining walls are an excellent addition to your uniquely-designed residential property. They are both an attractive and practical solution to a variety of yard-related issues. These walls can correct soil erosion issues near a garden or driveway, add flare and dimension to a flat back or front yard, or enclose pipes or mechanical items that would otherwise be an eyesore. Rather than detract from the beauty of your home and lawn, a retaining wall will enhance their appearance. What’s more? Landscape Solutions and Design is here to help you with the decisions and to design the perfect retaining wall for your specific landscaping needs.


If you’re not already convinced that these walls are a precise solution for your yard, let us elaborate on a few wall qualities to ensure that a retaining wall is, in fact, the right fit for you.


Retaining walls are flexible in that there are a variety of materials to choose from. Materials such as concrete, stone, timber, and brick are common choices. Each material is chosen based on the function, design, and character desired by the homeowner. Retaining walls also offer flexibility regarding their functionality. The possibilities are endless!


Functionality Meets Design

Which brings us to our next point: functionality and design. Retaining walls can provide a broad range of efficient services for your yard—and they look good while doing it!


Do you have a problem with runoff after storms, spoiling your well-maintained lawn and damaging your vegetable garden, flowers, or driveway? Retaining walls can help block the debris and damaging effects of rainwater.


Does your yard have a lot of slopes that making mowing your lawn a difficult task? An idea to remedy this situation is to add a retaining wall to reduce the small hills. This solution will add levels instead of hills, most likely making the lawn mowing a whole lot easier.


These walls can also offer endless possibilities that will add curb appeal to your lot. Add a retaining wall to create space for a garden or patio. The function of these kinds of retaining walls isn’t to solve a problem, but we at Landscape Solutions & Design like to think that aesthetics is just as important!


Cost Effectiveness

In general, retaining walls designed by our team at Landscaping Solutions & Design will get you the look and functionality that you want and need, at an attractive price. This upgrade can save you time and money in the long run, too. Adding a retaining wall to your yard, especially when runoff or dirt control-related damage are the issues, will do just that. For instance, it will allow you to water and treat each part of your lawn equally. There will be no need to spend extra time on that one tricky part of your yard that is affected by the runoff problem, or spend more money trying to keep the other part of your lawn looking as green as the rest. Retaining walls are, therefore, an excellent investment! They can add value to your home, since they can stop expensive damage and add an attractive feature to your property.


Go on, Create a Better Lawn!

Retaining walls provide the whole package. They’re practical, attractive and easy on the pocketbook. Whatever your needs, a retaining wall for your yard will give you the flexibility necessary to get the exact look, style and function you seek. Contact our design team at Landscaping Solutions & Design by calling (336) 442-0160 in the Triad area and (704) 684-7211 in the Lake Norman and Charlotte area so we can share with you even more, why and what kinds of walls would best suit your needs. We can’t wait to get started!