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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Designing the Perfect Fire Pit For Your Property

FireplacesWhether you’re building a new home from the ground up or working on an updated landscape design for the one you already own, it’s a great time to incorporate the concept of a unique and inviting outdoor living space. Setting up an outdoor oasis that you can share with friends and family is an ideal way to utilize the space you have.  One feature that can really contribute to both the aesthetics and function of your backyard is the addition of a fire pit. Many homeowners turn to Landscape Solutions & Design for help with creating the perfect fire pit, but before getting started with its construction, the following factors must be considered to ensure you get exactly what you desire.



Deciding on where to place your fire pit will ultimately determine just how much you’ll be able to enjoy it. For safety reasons, fire pits can’t go just anywhere, so it’s important to carefully think about a suitable space that’s open and far enough away from plants, structures, and other items that could go up in flames should the wind shift in the wrong direction. If your backyard has a pool or outdoor kitchen, it’s often nice to have the fire pit nearby so everyone can gather in the same general location. Keep in mind there should also be plenty of room for people to be seated comfortably around the fire.



There are numerous possibilities when it comes to fire pit styles, shapes, and designs. It usually works out best to pick one that will fit in size-wise as well as appearance-wise with the rest of your property. If your home is designed to have a more traditional, simplistic feel to it, you probably wouldn’t want to install a fire pit that leans towards the sleek and contemporary side.



Fire pits serve a few different purposes, so you must consider what your primary intended use will be. Is it simply for ambiance, to provide a good amount of heat while outside, to cook food, or all of the above? Your answer will determine the fuel source selection of your fire pit, which can include natural gas, propane, wood burning, or gel fuel. Each of these options have varying characteristics to think about, such as the time and money required for maintenance, your desire for portability or permanency, the available degree of heat, and the overall campfire experience.



Landscape Solutions & Design knows how essential it is to have your fire pit presented in just the right way. That’s why a large variety of materials are offered for construction, like stone, tile, copper, brick, wood, concrete, and stainless steel. It’s also popular for homeowners to combine a few different kinds of materials together to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Again, the materials chosen will have a lot to do with the fire pit’s expected function and maintenance requirements.


Providing warmth in the winter and a charming place to relax or entertain guests in the summer, Landscape Solutions & Design affirms that a fire pit is an excellent choice to complete any homeowner’s outdoor living area.