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How Greensboro Landscaping Companies Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Winter

Lawn Maintenance Greensboro (2)If you’re like many homeowners, you want your property to stay looking its best all year long, even when the first signs of ice coat your lawn. Fortunately, our mild winters here in the Triad give Greensboro landscaping companies the opportunity to ensure that you have a lush, green lawn year round. But it takes the proper planning and maintenance to keep your yards looking their best through all four seasons. Here are five steps the experts at Landscape Solutions & Design, one of the top Greensboro landscaping companies for homeowners like you, recommend.

1. Rake the leaves.

If you haven’t hired one of the top Greensboro landscaping companies for fall and winter yard maintenance, no doubt you are already growing tired of raking leaves. It seems they fall as fast as you can rake them up. And just when you have a nice pile – your children decide to jump right in, sending thousands of leaves scattering across your property. Of course, this is one of the most fun aspects of fall, and it’s OK once in a while. But when it’s time to get down to business, hire one of the best Greensboro landscaping companies to rake those leaves and turn them into compost, where they can actually help the environment and contribute to your lush, green lawn. When appropriate, we use a mulching mower to give your lawn healthy winter compost to help it thrive through the season.

2. Aerate the lawn.

Preparing your lawn to thrive through the colder months requires more than just raking leaves so your property looks great when family and friends visit for the holidays. The next step is to aerate your lawn to decompress the soil and make it easier for fertilizer and water to reach the roots.

3. Seed and fertilize.

If your lawn is showing thin spots, which could happen if you have hired other Greensboro landscaping companies in the past and they failed to do their best taking care of your lawn, Landscape Solutions & Design will add fresh seed. Whether you need a little or a lot, we promise to have your lawn looking lush and green again. We will also fertilize in preparation for the upcoming spring growing season.

4. Prepare your garden.

Did your family reap a nice harvest from your vegetable garden? Maybe you even opted for decorative and delicious vegetables with help from Landscape Solutions & Design, your best choice in Greensboro landscaping companies. Now it’s time for us to harvest the remainder of your crops and compost any leaves. Greensboro landscaping companies like Landscape Solutions & Design should trim perennials and dig up bulbs in flower gardens, preparing them for re-planting next year. Our experts know which plants, flowers, and shrubs can be saved and which must be replaced next year.

5. Create new landscape design plans for winter.

Although you’ve put your summer and fall garden to rest, that doesn’t mean you need to stare at an empty yard for the rest of the year. Landscape Solutions & Design, your top choice in Greensboro landscaping companies, will design a new garden plan based around evergreens and other hardy plants and bushes.

Your beautiful, seasonally appropriate landscape design will “wow” visitors, help prevent winter blues as you gaze out at your beautiful property, alive and thriving even in colder temps, and also ensure that your lawn and garden is ready for spring as the days grow longer and the temperature rises. We here at Landscape Solutions & Design, are your best choice in Greensboro landscaping companies to take your property through all four seasons.