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When It Comes to Outdoor Kitchen Designs, the Sky is the Limit

outdoor kitchen If you love to cook, then surely you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. You probably have an assortment of cookware, along with different tools and utensils. Perhaps you have a nice cookbook library or one of those stands you can put a tablet on to better see the recipe you are making. For you, your kitchen is your sanctuary, and even though it may be on the small side or a little dated, it is certainly good enough to get the job done. You may have thought about a kitchen renovation, but they can be very expensive. There is another option, however, that will allow you to get an all-new kitchen and let you keep the one you have without spending a fortune. You can do this with an outdoor kitchen.

Why Consider an Outdoor Kitchen?

Chances are you are still using the kitchen that came with your house. Even if you did upgrade at some point, things may already be out-of-date. An outdoor kitchen lets you start from scratch. And because you will not be limited by a roof or walls, you can do almost anything you want. There are tons of outdoor kitchen designs you can choose, or you can create something completely unique and different. Having extra equipment and appliances also expands the capacity of your food preparation area and makes it easier to entertain a large group.

The Basics of Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Generally, the focal point of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. And this would not be some little barbecue grill that you throw some charcoal briquettes into. This is a serious, built-in grill that will emulate your indoor kitchen’s oven. And while you can stop with a grill, outdoor kitchen designs can go much further. For example, why not include a pizza oven? Perhaps you have always wanted one but because of space, you were not able to get one. Well, now space is not an issue. Imagine cooking up pizzas in your own backyard. You will certainly be the envy of your neighbors. There are many options and you may want to add lighting and a sink to make food prep even more convenient. You can also think about adding other elements, such as a fireplace or fire pit. Both are excellent additions to outdoor kitchen designs that provide great ambiance and warmth on chilly nights.

Other Amenities to Think about with Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Ideally, with an outdoor kitchen, you want to enjoy being outside. So in addition to making the food, you will need a good place where people can sit to enjoy it. An eat-on counter is a great choice when it comes to outdoor kitchen designs. You could also include a nice table big enough to fit everyone. Unless you want to keep running inside, you will also need some roomy cabinets for storage.

The warm spring and summer months are coming, and if you would like to do some open-air cooking, think about an outdoor kitchen. To learn about some outdoor kitchen designs, contact Landscape Solutions & Design. Let us know your ideas and we will tell you how we can help make them a reality.