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Spring is Here, and That Means It is Time to Improve your Stone Landscaping

stone landscapingAlthough we had a pretty mild winter, there were times when we definitely felt the chilly wrath of Mother Nature. Now that the weather has warmed up, it is a good idea to take a look at your property to see what might have been affected over the last several months. You should especially pay close attention to any stone landscaping elements you may have. Ice can cause cracks, and if you used rock salt in certain places, there may be signs of erosion. If repairs are necessary, now is the time to think about addressing them. Chances are your outdoor areas will soon start to get a lot more use, and you do not want someone to trip or get injured. If the damage it too great – not necessarily from the past winter, but maybe due to years of wear and tear – it could be a good idea to remove the worn out components and start again. This will give you the opportunity to get creative with your stone landscaping and bring in some new and interesting additions.

Stone Landscaping Ideas


While a driveway is usually thought of as something purely functional, that does not mean it can’t be ornate or decorative. Paver driveways, for example, always add some style to a home. They are comprised of interlocking pavers that are reminiscent of cobblestone streets. Paver driveways come in a variety of different materials and can be laid in unique patterns. Plus, because they are made of several pieces, they are very easy to repair.


While your home may already have a walkway from the street or driveway to your front door, perhaps you are bored with it and want something new. Just like the paver driveway, a walkway can be made of different types of stone and designed however you want. You could even extend it so it circles around your home or have another one created in your backyard. A walkway is a great accent for a yard, and it is particularly good if you and your family enjoy being outside, but you do not want people trampling on your grass and other green areas.


We are headed into the warm part of the year, and for many people that means outdoor entertaining and barbecues. If you are in this category, a patio is crucial. But if yours is suddenly much too small thanks to your big new grill, it is time to think about making some changes. You can extend it or perhaps plan for a whole renovation that will allow you to change the design and layout. You can even add in things like a fire pit or outdoor kitchen.

If your stone landscaping has been damaged by the weather, or you just want to make some upgrades, get in touch with Landscape Solutions & Design. When it comes to improving and enhancing landscapes and hardscapes, we are the experts.