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Autumn Lawn Maintenance and Leaf Removal Near Me in NC

leaf removal near meIf you’re searching for leaf removal near me, Landscape Solutions and Design Inc. can help. We can handle both residential and commercial leaf removal, as well as other autumn landscape maintenance. We’ll help ensure that the outside of your home or business looks as beautiful as the inside.

Who Needs Leaf Removal?

The first question we hear about leaf removal services is, simply, “Do I actually need it?” Leaves will decompose over time, so some people simply allow nature to run its course. However, there are several benefits to removing dead leaves.

Your Grass May Grow Better

If you have a thick coat of leaves covering the grass in your yard, it can block the sun your lawn needs to grow. Even during the winter, when grass doesn’t grow quickly, sunlight is extremely important. If you don’t rake your leaves, you may find that your lawn develops large dead patches you’ll have to address in the spring. We can help with this by planting new grass, but it is much easier to simply remove the leaves in the first place.

Dead Leaves Hide Divots, Holes, and Uneven Ground

Pests such as moles, pets, heavy rains, and other things can cause unevenness. Dead leaves can hide these issues making it extremely easy to trip or injury your ankle. Additionally, leaves create a slick layer after any rain, which can cause falls. This is extremely important especially for businesses, as you could be responsible for someone’s medical costs if they hurt themselves on your property. An injury may or may not be covered by your business insurance. It’s better to simply keep your property clear from leaves and other debris.

Removing Leaves Makes Your Property Look Neat

Some HOAs and landlords require the removal of dead leaves in the fall. Even if it is not required, you may want to remove the leaves for aesthetic reasons. Simply put, this makes your property look neat. As a side note, if you are trying to sell your home, having a neat-looking outdoor area can help you sell faster and for a higher price.

Dead Leaves Cause Issues with Trees and Other Plants

Although dead leaves will eventually break down, they can harbor certain diseases, especially if we have a wet winter. While this doesn’t typically affect humans, unless you have specific allergies, it can harm trees or other plants.

Leaf Removal Near Me with Our Company

Some homeowners and businesses choose to take care of their own leaf removal and other fall maintenance. However, if you have a large property or a lot of trees, you can spend every weekend during the fall raking leaves just to keep up.

We can help. Our team has experience with a wide range of lawn maintenance, including raking leaves. We have flexible service plans to meet your specific needs. In addition to raking leaves, we can also assist with other autumn needs including the following:

  • Late-season mowing
  • Checking trees for disease and damage
  • Removing lawn thatch as we rake (the dead grass layer)
  • Repairing bare spots
  • Removing dead plants/trees
  • Aerating any compacted soil

As fall turns to winter, keep in mind that we also provide both residential and commercial snow removal. When you work with the Landscape Solutions & Design team, you never have to worry about spending a cold day outside doing back-breaking work just to keep your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lots clear from snow and ice.

What Sets Us Apart

With so many lawn maintenance options, what makes our team different? We take pride in putting the customer first and making sure we provide top-quality service every time. Our owner, Kostas, meets with every customer and personally oversees all projects to ensure your lawn looks great. Here’s what a few of our valued customers have said about working with us:

“Kostas and his team transformed our dry, overgrown yard into a beautiful, green landscape with many colorful plants that rivals any park in town. Kostas and Tucker listened to our requests and suggestions and then designed a personalized outdoor destination, perfect for relaxing, dining and entertaining.. The landscaping team was professional, efficient and respectful. We have received countless compliments from our neighbors.” – Scott Tucker

“Landscape Solutions and Design’s combination of skill, experience and intuition is exactly what I have been looking for. Additionally, their professional ethics are superb. I now insist that Landscape Solutions and Design perform all my lawn services and maintenance. I am highly recommending them to anyone seeking a competent and trustworthy landscape company! Thank you again for all your hard work!” – Penny Vlahos

You can read more real customer reviews here.

FAQs About Autumn Lawn Care

If you have questions about your fall lawn care, we’d be happy to answer them. Here are a few common questions we get from our customers.

How much does leaf removal cost?

It depends on the size of your property. Before we start, we’ll look at your landscape needs and give you a price quote for leaf removal or ongoing maintenance. We have plans for both residential lawn maintenance and commercial landscape maintenance.

What can I do to keep my lawn looking great, even over the fall and winter?

Finding a company for leaf removal near me is just a start. Your lawn doesn’t have to look dead until spring. This article has a number of tips for autumn lawn maintenance from our team of professionals.

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