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If Your Property Needs A Retaining Wall, There Are Several Things To Consider.

Retaining Wall LED LightingNaturally, those of us at Landscape Solutions & Design want you to have the most beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing retaining wall that it is possible to construct. Our designers are fully prepared to create a structure that enhances your property, adding beauty as well as function.

However, our engineers understand all too well that there are some inherent challenges involved when you set about to control the natural features of earth and water. You really have to know what you’re doing – and, fortunately for you, we at Landscape Solutions have both the knowledge and the experience.

Retaining Wall Challenges


  • Earth that is being held back behind a structure will be pressing constantly against it with a natural force. This pressure builds up more the deeper you dig. In other words the taller the wall, or the greater the difference in levels above and below the structure, the more the earth’s pressure will build up against it. So, the height that your property requires will influence decisions about the style of wall and construction materials needed to make it safe.
  • On especially steep slopes, soft, unstable soil will have a tendency to shift and redirect pressure points along the wall. This type of soil will need some kind of strengthening or man-made additions to keep it settled and secure. Such stabilization could be the addition of horizontal mats that add resistance, for example. Our professionals understand this challenge and know how to combat it.
  • Of course, underground water will build up and drain down behind any retaining wall. Research of local water table and weather information will assist in forming judgments about how a drainage system should be engineered to control the build-up of water pressure which could destabilize the structure.

There are so many elements that contribute to sound, solid decision-making about safe structure style, appropriate materials to use and other additional factors that you truly need the expertise of trained professionals to help with such a project. At Landscape Solutions, we will identify all the issues, develop a system with options for you to consider, and assist you with your decision process. You and your family will totally enjoy an attractive retaining wall that enhances your property value and remains safe over the long term.

Outdoor Hardscapes


While you may NEED a retaining wall, you may WANT other enhancements to your outdoor space! Have you considered an outdoor living area? Something as simple as a patio with a grill and picnic table is always a nice addition for the family’s enjoyment. But, expand your imagination by dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, complete with counter space, stove and refrigerator with plenty of seating.

Or, maybe your dream is more along the lines of a nice pond with a waterfall feature and colorful gardens. We could add meandering paths and benches for walking and meditating. Or, perhaps, you would rather have an open-air and screened-in combination deck with cushioned seating and conversation areas. Just remember, if you can dream it, we can build it!