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Questions About Landscaping In Greensboro? Landscape Solutions & Design Is Here For You!


If you are thinking about maintenance of your residential landscaping in Greensboro, remember that the professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design are trained and experienced in a wide variety of services. We have been working in the Triad area for almost ten years and we understand the characteristics of Carolina soils and the challenges of the mid-Atlantic climate.


Consider the convenience of contracting for annual maintenance. With no further thought or effort on your part, your landscaping in Greensboro will receive all the proper preparation for each of our region’s four seasons and the result is that your property will be beautifully groomed throughout the entire year.


Summer maintenance centers on the way to properly mow a lawn.

Optimum mower heights, for example, can vary. As a rule, mower blades should be set at two-and-a-half to three inches for most of the summer. The exception is when experiencing extreme heat; height should be increased to three to three-and-a-half inches to reduce soil’s water loss. And, the amount of time between mowings is important. If you let grass grow until it’s too tall, you’ll end up cutting more than a third of the blade length the next time it’s mowed. This would stress your grass and damage your lawn’s overall health. Even if you have to cut a wet lawn and collect the clumps of clippings, it’s better than waiting.


Fall maintenance focuses on riotous color before the cold months set in.

For landscaping in Greensboro, such plantings as mums, pansies, ornamental cabbage and kale, and asters add color and texture just as the days are getting shorter. Mums can be planted from spring through fall, while pansies do best when planted during fall itself. Both ornamental cabbage and kale along with asters do well when planted in either spring or fall. All of these plants winter nicely in our climate. Of course, the autumn season also calls for trimming branches that may snap and break during winter weather events, as well as managing fallen leaves to keep your lawn neat.


Winter maintenance includes highlighting trees with unusual bark or distinctive branch configurations that add artistic form when they are bare. These can be accented with bushes that produce colorful berries, with the added benefit of attracting beautiful birds to the yard.

And, this is a perfect time to assess the “look” of your yard and determine where hardscape focal points could add interest. Stone paths with welcoming benches, garden sculptures or water features, or even a meandering rock wall will furnish visual interest when plants are asleep and will be wonderful additions to outdoor entertainment later.

Spring maintenance is the most invigorating season for landscaping in Greensboro! This is the time to clear out dead wood, plants and debris; get rid of weeds that are trying to make their way; fertilize grass, flowers and shrubbery; and spread mulch to neaten up your lawn’s appearance and help retain moisture. Then, just sit back and enjoy!