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Hiring a Professional Landscaper vs. Doing It Yourself

Hiring a Professional LandscaperYou are in a conundrum.  You want to revamp your yard but don’t truly know how. And because you moved to North Carolina recently, you’re not really sure which plants thrive here, and which do not. This scenario is continued across the state as growing numbers of newcomers come here for new work opportunities or for a more wholesome, relaxed southern life. And that’s one reason why we advocate Hiring a Professional Landscaper for your yard, versus doing it yourself.

Reasons Hiring a Professional Landscaper Are Important

Time savings

Saving time is one major incentive for hiring a landscaper. Landscapers are fully trained at enhancing the look of your yard. They have a degree in this field or simply years of experience. Landscapers know which plants thrive in North Carolina, and which will wither up and die. They know the best, most cost effective and quickest way to handle all kinds of projects, everything from building a wall, a pond to growing and planting plants around a pool side.

Avoiding mistakes

Avoiding mistakes is another bonus in working with a landscaper. Landscapers have helped hundreds of others across the Piedmont Triad, and often multiple times. If you’re landscaping a much neglected yard or a completely new yard, then your landscaper will know precisely which plants to plant, where to plant them, and what these plants may look like one year or even ten years from now. This will help you plan and map out a shaded area or fruit tree grove that will last.

Building a yard that lasts

Using a landscaper versus doing it yourself will also help you plant vegetation that will weather the storms that whip through the Piedmont Triad year round. Additionally, trained landscapers know which plants are subject to bugs and other varmints and how to avoid your plants coming to peril.

Peace of mind

The best incentive is the peace of mind that your landscape will look beautiful, and not a mishmash, mess. Landscapers save you time and money in the long run. Wondering about your landscape project? Call us at 704-684-7211 or request a quote online today!