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Property Owners Love Retaining Wall Advantages!

retaining wall projectWhether your goal is utilitarian or decorative – or a little of each! – you may be giving serious thought to having a retaining wall or two constructed somewhere on your residential property. If so, the professional designers and installation technicians at Landscape Solutions & Design urge you to take advantage of our top-of-the-line consulting services.

After listening to your dreams for your property, and any challenges you may have, we will use our cutting-edge design software to show you exactly what your retaining wall options are. You won’t have to try to imagine the final outcome; you’ll be able to see it, adjust the design to accommodate your budget or vision, and know exactly what the end result will be, before we even start construction. And the possibilities are endless.

Do you need a functional retaining wall to prevent erosion and soil loss alongside a driveway that is on a lower level than the adjacent lawn? There are several things to consider. You will need to decide whether you want a quaint wooden style, a trim brick or block look, or a more decorative stone retaining wall. Do you want it to continue the full length of the driveway or simply serve as a short buffer at the end of the pavement?

Are you thinking about a serviceable retaining wall that will camouflage an outdoor HVAC unit and protect it from the elements? You will most probably want such a structure to blend with your home’s architecture, so as not to attract the attention of people passing by. Or, perhaps you have a sunken pool and deck or a raised playground with stabilized equipment and need a retaining wall to preserve the integrity of the land area. In that case, you can choose materials that complement the function of the set-apart site and make it part of your home’s overall appeal.

You may be thinking more of an ornamental retaining wall as a means to an end, however. If your expanse of lawn is mostly flat and even, we can create a terraced view with each beautifully-crafted strategically-placed retaining wall. Just envision a low, curving boundary that perfectly sets off a raised garden of flowers and shrubs surrounding a shaded bench or gazebo for reading and relaxing.

Or, imagine a curved buffer of natural materials that unobtrusively contains a sunken conversation area with seating around a matching fire pit for entertaining. Such hardscapes not only give your family pleasure, they increase your property value, too.

Of course, a retaining wall isn’t the only option for enhancing your property. We can install water features from ornamental fountains to peaceful ponds to bubbling waterfalls. We can design your landscape to include impressive statues, winding garden paths, and dramatic lighting that sets off your lovely property throughout the evening hours. Call us for a complimentary consultation and together we will take the overall appearance of your home’s exterior to a whole new level.