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Should I Find a Sod Installer Near Me or Do It Myself?

sod installer near meIf your lawn has seen better days or you’re planning to change your landscaping, you may be considering the addition of sod. Before you take on this project yourself, consider that sod installation can be trickier than you think. In most cases, it makes sense to hire a professional sod installer near me to take on your new sod project. Here’s what every homeowner and business owner should know before taking on a sod project.


Sod has a Shelf Life

First, it helps to understand what sod is and why this process is so different than planting grass seed. Also called turf or turf grass, sod is grass that is already grown. It is held together by the root system and comes in large rolls from a sod farm. Some companies sell sod pre-cut into smaller sheets. Most sod comes with a thin layer of biodegradable material to help the grass stay together until it reaches your yard. However, a sod company might also sell sod with just the roots holding it together, depending on the grass species.

Because this is a living product, sod has a shelf life. You need to install it quickly or it will never take root. In the best-case scenario, sod installation takes place within 24 hours of the sod being cut. Sod needs to be installed the same day you receive it.

Even if the sod still looks green and alive, it may never take root if it sits around too long. It’s one of the best reasons to hire a sod installation team instead of doing the job yourself. Our team here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. can install your new sod quickly, so there is a very high chance of successful rooting and growth.

If you speak to a sod installation company that will not get the job done the same day the sod is delivered, run! Every sod installation expert knows that sod needs to be installed as quickly as possible after it is cut. Otherwise, it has a lower chance of taking root. If this happens, you’ll have to cut out the old sod and start over, which can be an expensive process.

Not All Grass Will Work for Your Lawn

We tend to think of grass as a single plant species, but there are actually dozens of different types of grasses. Here in North Carolina, we have a relatively mild environment, so many grass species work well for lawns. However, the exact type of grass we recommend for you depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  • How lush/full you like your lawn to look
  • Other aesthetic preferences such as color
  • Amount of foot traffic expected
  • Soil type
  • Water/drainage expectancy and challenges
  • Your maintenance and mowing preferences
  • Amount of sun and shade in the area of grass cover

Bermuda grass, centipede grass, zoysia grass, fescue grass, and Kentucky bluegrass are all popular options here in North Carolina. You can also choose a grass blend, which is made from multiple different types of grasses. We’ll help you choose the grass species that will work best for your specific lawn.

The key is to work with a sod installation expert who can recommend the best for your situation. No matter how much research you do, nothing beats experience in the sod-laying field. We have first-hand experience with what works and what doesn’t. We’ll never recommend a sod product that we wouldn’t feel comfortable installing in our own yard.

You May Need to Grade before Installing Sod

Keep in mind that laying sod isn’t as easy as unrolling the grass and going back to your busy life. Before you install the sod, you may need to grade your lawn. Not only will this give you a nicer surface in the end, but it will also prevent drainage problems.

“Grading” is the process of leveling the ground around your home. You generally want it to be flat, with a very gentle slope away from your home. However, in some cases, depending on the natural features of your lot, your yard may need to be graded differently.

One of the most common reasons homeowners have issues with their lawns is that they don’t have proper drainage. Grading solves this problem, since water runs downhill.

Depending on the size of your lawn and the type of soil, grading can be back-breaking work. That’s where we come in. Not only can we provide the best grading for your new sod, but we’ll also ensure water properly drains away from your home to prevent damage. Sod is an investment in your home and property and you want to install it properly to receive the best return for your investment…a healthy, attractive, long-lasting lawn!

Here are some indications that your yard is not currently graded well:

  • You can see dips and small hills in your lawn, instead of a nice gentle slope.
  • Large puddles or wet areas collect in certain areas of your lawn.
  • You have issues with water damage or rot on the wood found on your home’s exterior, especially near the ground.
  • After a rainstorm, small streams or water are eroding trenches in the soil.
  • Patches of dead grass are forming, which can be an indication of fungal growth from too much water.

All new construction needs grading work. Most yards also need to be regraded over time. If you want a beautiful lawn, this is simply a step you cannot skip.

Proper grading will also provide drainage away from your flower beds or other areas of your lawn, such as a garden shed. Over time, water can cause a lot of damage. It’s much more cost-effective to ensure your lawn drains properly from the start.

We can also help with grading, sod installation, and landscape design for your new build. We’ll work with your new home contractors to come up with a landscaping plan, budget, and schedule that works for everyone.

Ground Prep and Follow-Up Maintenance is Key

Once the ground is graded properly, your soil needs to be prepped for sod installation. We’ve seen people simply unroll the new sod over existing grass. Sure, you can do this, but don’t be surprised when most of the sod dies over the next few weeks. You’ll have to remove and replace it again and again unless you properly prepare the soil. When you call a sod installer near me, you will have the benefit of the experience and expertise that is required for a successful result.

We’ll start by ensuring that your new lawn will get the proper nutrients. Soil might seem like “just dirt,” but in actuality your soil might be very different from even your neighbor’s soil. Some soil is sandy, and other soil is rocky. If water has been running into your yard, it could have been depositing certain nutrients, which can be helpful or harmful depending on the type of grass. Our analysis of your soil will help determine what type of grass is best. We’ll also add fertilizer to deposit nutrients, if needed.

Regardless of the type of soil found in your yard, it needs to be fairly loose for the grass root to take hold. In other words, we’ll till the soil so it isn’t hard packed. We have machines that help us loosen packed chunks of soil and remove rocks. Doing this work by hand can be backbreaking. It’s a huge advantage to hire professionals with the appropriate equipment.

Before laying your new sod lawn, we’ll also wet the soil properly to help the roots establish. This ensures that your sod has the best chance of survival, no matter what mother nature has in store. Yes, we can install sod even during the hottest part of summer and even if it hasn’t rained recently.

Don’t forget that your sod needs maintenance until it takes root. We can complete your maintenance work for you or we can give you step by step instructions. The most crucial part is ensuring that your sod gets enough water. The watering needs vary for different types of grasses. However, fescue, bluegrass, zoysia, Bermuda grass, blends, and almost all other types of grasses need to be watered several times per day until the sod takes root.

Laying Sod is Not a One-Person Job

As you might suspect, laying sod is not typically a one-person job. Yes, you can do it by yourself, but you have to work quickly and be able to dig, lift, bend, and more. It’s quite the workout.

If you are thinking about installing sod yourself, we recommend having at least one friend or family member to help. Remember, you need to install sod quickly in order for it to take root and successfully start to grow. Most people with average or large lawns need a team of 3-6 people to get the job done. Even if you love landscaping and are in good shape, this is a big project.

Instead, consider searching for a sod installer near me to complete the job professionally. Our team has experience installing sod and taking on other lawn care projects. We can take on the project from start to finish, including all grading, soil analysis and preparation, installation, and maintenance.

A Sod Installer Near Me Will Give You the Best Chance at Success

At the end of the day, if your goal is to enjoy a beautiful lawn, your best bet is to hire a professional team for sod installation service. Here’s what you can expect when you work with Landscape Solutions & Design:

  • Fully-licensed and insured technicians who treat your home and lawn with respect
  • Experienced lawn care professionals who have been serving the Triad to Lake Norman area and beyond since 2005 and decades of experience in lawn care
  • A high attention to detail – we’ll maximize your curb appeal through our perfectionist mentality
  • Honest and transparent pricing, so you don’t have to worry about a price quote inflating by the end of the project
  • Workers who show up on time and complete your lawn care project according to our agreed-upon timeline
  • Great communication, so you always know exactly what is going on with your project and can get answers to any questions you may have
  • A detailed presentation of your options, which allows you to pick the perfect solution for your yard and budget

Your home and lawn are important to us. Don’t settle for a sod installation expert that treats you like just another number. We’re a top sod installation company because we treat you like family.

If you’re ready to get started with a free consultation, click here to learn more. We have three teams in the Triad area ready to take on your project!

Yes, We Do Commercial Landscaping Too!

Your home is important to us, but so is your business. Around 40% of our customers are commercial. Your grass makes a first impression on people as they drive up to your storefront or office building. Why not let us help you make the best first impression possible?

In addition to laying sod, we can also add mulch, complement your building with the right flowers and other plants, provide ongoing all-season maintenance including snow removal, create hardscapes such as fountains, add retaining walls, install lighting and irrigation, and more. Our residential hardscapes include walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens and water features. Click here to learn more about our full line of commercial outdoor maintenance and landscape services. Or, give us a call at 336-442-0160.