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Think About Fall Residential Landscaping In Greensboro

Retaining wall (6)Summer is winding down; autumn is approaching with its promise of football games, cooler nights, and warmer clothes. What does that seasonal weather change mean for your home’s lawn and grounds? What should you be doing about autumn landscaping in Greensboro?

In general, as temperatures cool down above ground growth slows or stops, but below ground moisture feeds root development. This means there are some specific things to do before the ground freezes. It’s time to think about calling Landscape Solutions & Design to discuss removal of dead branches and layers of heavy leaves to begin with, and to plan for chores to improve your landscaping in Greensboro.

  1. Aerate. It’s time to provide some ventilation for hardened, sun-baked soil so that water and nutrients can replenish all the root systems.
  2. Feed. Grass roots keep growing until truly cold weather, so we want to feed them a special mixture to prepare them to sprout earlier and thicker in the spring.
  3. Mow. One final mowing should take your grass down to about 1¼ inches to help ward off disease and to offer less surface to catch and collect blowing leaves.
  4. Rake. Remove all the heavy, suffocating, sun-blocking leaves from your yard. Consider storing them to compost for next year’s shrubs and garden.
  5. Plant. If our design for your landscaping in Greensboro calls for the addition of new shrubs, fall planting gives them a chance to establish roots in the cool, moist soil.
  6. Trim. Now is the time for us to get rid of cracked, loose, or diseased branches and dead limbs that will break off in the upcoming snow and ice.
  7. Cut back. Get rid of tired annuals (and snails and slugs that eat them); trim perennial foliage to the ground so roots can strengthen, divide tuberous plants for more space.
  8. Mulch. Add a layer of leaves, straw or wood chips around new plants before the ground freezes to keep plants warm and stop soil erosion.

Now is also a very good time to consult with the professional planners at Landscape Solutions & Design about the design and installation of new features to enhance your property. All you have to do is imagine what your heart desires and we will use our cutting-edge design software to show you what it will look like. You can make changes and adjustments, we can offer professional advice, and the whole project will come alive as you watch the screen. You will know exactly how your property will appear, before we even start the work.

We provide anything from basics like driveways, sidewalks, retention walls and patios, to beautiful gardens with winding pathways, calming fish ponds, and benches for rest and meditation, to striking features such as grand gazebos, monumental fountains, and eye-catching statuary. Of course, we build multi-level decks, and also install outdoor kitchens.

Contact us to discuss whatever you want to enhance your landscaping in Greensboro.