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Why a Fire Pit Attracts and Pleases Guests

FireplacesIf you have a patio and a lawn, you probably already know how relaxing it can be to settle into a comfortable chair or swing and enjoy the sounds of nature at the end of the day. And, if family or friends come over to share the experience with you, that just makes things better, right? At Landscape Solutions & Design, we have a few ideas about how you can lure good company over, and one of them involves installing a fire pit!

A custom-built fire pit is a lovely way to add an interesting focal point, some visual interest, to your outdoor entertaining area. It can be made of brick, stone, even concrete or any non-flammable material, and designed to complement the architectural design of your home and grounds. It can be recessed below floor-level or built up to any desired height. A fire pit automatically draws a person’s eye and that gives you a starting point for other landscape or hardscape additions to enhance your property.

A fire pit also provides a source of light and warmth as the fall evenings get longer and cooler, making your outdoor space inviting for fall cookouts, neighborhood gatherings or spirited football-watching. Depending on your food and activities, your custom-designed fire pit can re-capture the fun of an old-fashioned campfire, complete with marshmallows on sticks and riveting ghost stories, or re-kindle memories of romantic nights on a secluded beach with the moon reflected on the ocean.

Of course, an operational fire pit is also a source for cooking. Visitors will enjoy the camaraderie of roasting hot dogs over the fire’s flames or baking potatoes and corn in the coals. You may even conjure up some old tried-and-true boy scout or girl scout recipes to produce all-out three-course meals! Your custom-created fire pit will prove to be a low-maintenance, high-entertainment addition to any outdoor entertainment space.

Landscape Solutions can take your home’s outdoor ambience a step or two further, too.

Lighting – With the use of up-lighting (where light is installed on or near the ground and focused upward to illuminate trees or architectural details), down lighting (where lights are mounted high on a pole or wall and directed downward into puddles of illumination), or shadow lighting (where a light is recessed into the ground in front of a shrub or statue to create soft illumination) we can add more visual interest to your fire pit area.

Hardscapes – We can extend your fire pit area with pavers that create walkways to ponds, through gardens and around trees and shrubs. The addition of water features such as ponds, waterfalls or fountains add an air of elegance. And, gazebos and benches that are strategically placed invite your visitors to relax and enjoy the environment you have created.

With our design software, we can show you exactly what your vision will look like before any work is done. We would love to work with you, let’s get your next project started!