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Outdoor Lighting With Mobile Controls

Landscape-Lighting-Can-Improve-Your-Home-In-Many-WaysOutdoor lighting with mobile controls - landscape LED lightingLandscape Solutions & Design is excited to have recently became certified with FX Luminaire outdoor lighting. FX Luminaire offers outdoor LED lighting solutions with leading technology that allow you to do more with your landscaping.

The new Luxor ZD lighting system is built for both zoning and dimming, and allows owners to control brightness levels as well as which areas of the yard are lit up. The Luxor features a controller module that users can program presets into and quickly select later, which is handy for parties and special occasions that require different settings than day to day lighting.

Expanding Your Control of Specialty Outdoor Lighting

Even for day to day operation, the controller can be programmed for different functions at different times of the day. For example, you could set one group of lights to 100% brightness at 7pm and have it automatically reduce to 60% brightness at 9pm. Want different sets of lights on at different times, too? The Luxor ZD can do that.

If you have garden lighting and other landscaping features, this can be the perfect way to control both when and how intensely these are illuminated.

The controller can also be configured to interact with computers and other devices via wifi, so you can control your outdoor lighting with a PC or mobile device. That’s right — computer controlled lighting. The flexibility of the design is ideal for even the most discerning of users.

LED Lighting Efficiency

Another plus of this lighting system is that it uses energy efficient LED lights. In additional to using less power they also last a long time, in some cases much longer than traditional outdoor lighting. LEDs also come in various colors to broaden the range of uses even further.

If you’re looking to set up some landscape lighting or enhance the way you control the outdoor lights you already have, give us a call and we’ll explore the options best for you!