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Outdoor Kitchens Combine Nature’s Beauty with Family Gatherings

Outdoor-KitchensIn our area, it’s almost time for the most spectacularly colorful and energizing season of the year, and we at Landscape Solutions & Design are excited to help you best enjoy it all. Autumn brings with it blazingly beautiful foliage and comfortably cooler evenings (not to mention a diminishing number of annoying insects) that welcome extended outdoor gatherings. Maybe your family is planning a birthday or a reunion. Perhaps there is an informal wedding reception or baby shower coming up. Of course, there are always Labor Day and Halloween parties to plan, not to mention weekly football viewings. More and more homeowners across the land combine these celebrations with fall’s outdoor ambience by installing outdoor kitchens; maybe you should, too!

If you have a small yard, consider nestling a food prep and cooking area on a patio against the house. Outdoor kitchens really don’t have to be more than a grill and tabletop to be functional. But, if you have the space, let your imagination open possibilities for designing outdoor kitchens of all kinds.

  • Will you include a fireplace for roasting meat over a fire and cooking veggies in the coals?
  • Would your family enjoy an oven that could provide baked dishes or pizza?
  • Some outdoor kitchens include a refrigerator that’s handy for condiments and cold drinks.
  • Do you need surrounding cabinetry for storage of utensils and supplies?
  • Will you need a sink with running water for clean-up?
  • And, outdoor kitchens need seating – are you envisioning a standard picnic table off to one side, or cushioned benches surrounding the area, or a long family-style table and chairs?
  • Do you like outdoor kitchens with half-walls separating them from the rest of the yard or will just a roof covering the space work for you?

At Landscape Solutions, we work with all of our clients to ensure that all the details of their dream outdoor kitchens become a reality, so their imagined entertainment areas come alive to benefit their families and enhance their property. We assist our clients with decisions about their outdoor kitchens such as electrical requirements – whether outlets for appliances will be enough or there is a need to accommodate musical instruments or a media set-up – and lighting requirements – whether overhead lights are enough or you also want shoe-level pathway lighting or motion sensor safety lights.

In addition to outdoor kitchens from basic to awe-inspiring, we offer many other high-end landscaping and hardscaping services to the discriminating homeowner. We can partner with you to develop a detailed plan for your property, including graceful walls and meandering pathways, as well as water features such as peaceful ponds, beautiful waterfalls and calming fountains. We can engineer multi-level decks that are open-air, enclosed or a combination and graceful patios with amenities such as fire pits or swimming pools. And, of course, we offer top-of-the-line landscaping of lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens that perfectly accent your property.

Call today to discuss your dreams for your outdoor spaces.