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Which Are Essential Outdoor Kitchen Appliances For Cooking?

outdoor kitchen appliancesConsumers’ interest in upgrading their outdoor space continues to increase. Moreover, many homeowners choose to improve their yards by adding an outdoor kitchen. Yet with so many options, you may have difficulty narrowing down your choices of essential outdoor kitchen appliances. Below, we list several must-have tools you can’t do without.





The Top 5 Essential Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Dreaming about an open air kitchen is the easy part. Deciding on which elements are essential for your needs can be trickier. From simple to luxurious, you have so many options when picking your outdoor appliances.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of tools necessary for most outdoor kitchens. Of course, depending on your cooking style, you may want to include a few others.

1. Grill

Typically, the grill is the main feature of any open air kitchen. And as a crucial feature of your space, it’s important to choose wisely. Whether you choose charcoal or gas, it’s always best to choose a premium model.

Premium grill manufacturers use higher quality materials to resist corrosion better. Plus, these grills retain and distribute heat more evenly for a better cooking experience. Additionally, a premium grill will last much longer than an economy model. Whereas picking an economy brand like those at the big box stores will give you only a passable grilling experience.

2. Refrigerator

We all know some food, like meat, spoils in a few hours when not kept cool. Moreover, in hot summer temperatures, food spoils even more quickly. Yet, who likes running back and forth into the house for ingredients especially when entertaining?

Including a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen gives you greater ease in preparing meals. With all your ingredients at hand, there’s no wasted time running back inside. Plus, you can also keep drinks cool.

3. Griddle

While the grill may be the center of your outdoor kitchen, the griddle is the most versatile appliance. With its flat, smooth surface and uniform heating, you can cook just about anything on a griddle.

Breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, and bacon are a snap to prepare. You can also cook up some gourmet sandwiches, hibachi, and fajitas on this appliance. Fundamentally, you can cook everything on a griddle making them a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

4. Side Burners

Including side burners in your outdoor kitchen immediately expands your outdoor menu. You can cook sauces as you grill, without worrying about them burning. Additionally, you can cook side dishes like corn on the cob without having to run into the house.

Moreover, side burners provide heating similar to your indoor stovetop making it easy to cook multiple things at once. Ultimately, installing side burners give you the freedom to stay in one place and cook your entire meal.

5. Dishwasher

Usually, you accumulate a pile of utensils and bowls as you cook. Additionally, you’ll have a stack of dirty dishes once the meal is over.

Having an outdoor dishwasher allows you to take care of your mess easily and quickly. Your counters will stay uncluttered and there’s no need to trek into the house with dirty dishes.

Protecting The Appliances in Your Outdoor Kitchen

To withstand long-term exposure to the elements, most manufacturers construct outdoor appliances using stainless steel. While stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it can rust under certain conditions. Unfortunately, long-term exposure to water, salt, grease, or heat can break down this metal’s protective properties.

Often, many new owners cover their grills when not in use. However, to cover or not to cover largely depends on your climate. Of course, your owner’s manuals will have specific instructions for caring for your outdoor appliances. If you decide to use a cover, you’ll want a high-quality one with vents to allow moisture to escape.

Certainly, you should winterize your outdoor kitchen in anticipation of the coming season. First, it’s important to remove all perishable food from the outdoor refrigerator. Wipe down all surfaces of your outdoor kitchen and unplug electrical appliances. Once again, check your owner’s manual for specific instructions for your brand.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances – FAQs

Have you been thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen? Before you start shopping for outdoor kitchen appliances, read our frequently asked question section below.

What Are The Best Types Of Appliances For My Outdoor Kitchen?

Sometimes, even just shopping for a grill can be bewildering. You’ll find many manufacturers use different grades of stainless steel. Plus, manufacturers’ warranties will differ as well as efficiencies and features.

You’ll need to consider many factors like cooking style and types of foods you want to grill. Ultimately, you’ll need an expert to help you choose the right appliances for your budget, needs, and space.

How Much Will My Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

Prices for open air kitchens vary considerably based on the size, features, and materials.

However, the pros at Landscape Solutions can design an outdoor space to fit your budget. Plus, we offer easy financing through GreenSky.

Can You Install A Firepit To Complement My New Space?

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