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Increase Real Estate Value by Way of Landscaping

Commercial-Landscape-MaintenanceLandscaping acts as a frame to your home. It encompasses the art. Just as a shabby frame can detract from the beauty of the picture, an unkempt lawn can ruin the look of your home. A well maintained lawn could actually increase real estate value of your home when done correctly. It takes a careful eye and a diligent hand. Here are a few ideas and tips.

Ways to Increase Real Estate Value

Trim plants. This is obvious. If plants flourish too much, they can go astray. Cut excess branches and stems. Mow and edge your lawn on a regular basis. Your yard should look uniform and tidy.

Color. Colorful flowers and plants will give your yard more life. Onlookers will be visually pleased. Plant colorful flowers along the walkway and front entrance. In fact, some research suggests that the color yellow induces a purchasing mood.

Liquid grass fertilizer. Grass is supposed to be GREEN! Not brown or a dying shade of yellow. There is a big difference between grass and straw. If you struggle to maintain a green lawn, apply liquid grass fertilizer for the greenest shade possible.

Sprinkler system. Simply put, this keeps your grass healthy and watered. Many homebuyers will be looking for homes with sprinkler systems. This is a great selling point.

Night lighting. Installing lights to keep your yard well-lit at night is another great selling point. Not to mention, it has a great aesthetic appeal. It will make your home stand out from neighbors.

Don’t forget the back yard. The backyard is just as important as the front. Many people put all of their effort into maintaining the front yard, while neglecting the back. Add a trellis or fire pit to the back yard for an inviting ambiance.

Why Use a Professional?

The experience of a professional will greatly help you increase real estate value of your home. Though DIY is a popular route, professionals can help take your landscape to the next level.

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