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Bring To Life Your Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

outdoor kitchen ideasAmericans love to grill. Whether it’s hamburgers, steaks, or ribs, meals just taste better when cooked outdoors. Yet, barbeques alone aren’t enough for many of today’s homeowners. Outdoor kitchens have become one of the hottest trends in outdoor living. However, taking your outdoor kitchen ideas and translating them into the perfect space, can be challenging.

At Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we’ve been transforming outdoor spaces since 2005. We take your concepts, develop a plan, and make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality.

Most importantly, we can work with backyards of multiple sizes and shapes. If you’re worried that your backyard is too small or too sloped, we have solutions! In fact, we love the challenge of creating a phenomenal backyard oasis suited perfectly to you and your area.

Some Must-Have Elements For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Often, you’ll find “must-have” lists for elements to include in your outdoor kitchen. While these lists make a good starting point, ideally, your outdoor space should fit your needs, lifestyle, space, and budget.

Without a doubt, the grill is the central part of your outdoor area. However, you’ll find a seemingly endless number of other appliances and accessories. When planning your outdoor kitchen, choose those elements that will make cooking and entertaining outside easier. Balanced against your budget, your planned use will help you determine your must-have features.

For example, you’ll probably want counter space to prepare food. You may also want a sink for easy clean-up. Of course, you’ll want storage space to protect utensils, plates, and bowls while keeping them within easy reach.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Are A Necessity

If you’re a barbeque enthusiast, you know how important it is to have everything you need on hand. Having to run indoors to fetch supplies every few minutes is frustrating. Plus, during that time you’re inside rummaging for tongs, your perfectly cooked steak may burn.

Yet, outdoor kitchen cabinets offer more than function. Cabinets are an additional opportunity to add color to complement the landscape or home. Plus, the style and finish can coordinate the overall design for a seamless look.

Of course, outdoor cabinets provide storage space to keep all your grilling tools nearby. No longer will you have to miss the time spent with guests as you rush back and forth gathering supplies.

Moreover, you can choose from several materials to create a beautiful outdoor living space. While stainless steel is the most popular option, you can also choose wood, aluminum, or polymer.

Overview Of Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Ultimately, you want to choose a material that can withstand harsh weather elements. However, you also want an outdoor kitchen that’s easy to clean. Finally, you need to be able to stay within your budget.

Undoubtedly, wood offers timeless beauty. Offering a natural finish, the natural grain of wood provides visual interest. Yet, only certain woods can withstand Mother Nature. Typically, teak, cypress, and bamboo are popular choices. However, wood cabinets require regular maintenance such as oil and sealing.

Structurally, metal outdoor cabinets offer minimal maintenance with impressive durability. Both marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel are resilient and long-lasting. While aluminum tends to be less expensive than stainless steel, it’s also more likely to dent.

Finally, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) cabinets are tough, durable, and long-lasting. HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer that resists mold, mildew, and rotting. It’s also easy to clean and fade-resistant. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and textures to tie together any design.

FAQs About Outdoor Living Spaces

Installing an outdoor kitchen is an investment. Most likely, you’ll have questions about the project. Below we’ve answered some of the questions customers often ask us during a consultation.

What Is The Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material?

When choosing between outdoor countertop materials, you also want durability and low maintenance. Fortunately, you have several great options:

  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Quartzite
  • Concrete
  • Tile

Generally, all options require some type of maintenance. Accordingly, you should always clean countertops after each use and wipe away any spills immediately. Additionally, contractors recommend you seal your countertop annually.

As you narrow down your choices, you’ll want to keep in mind your budget. Pricing for outdoor countertops varies greatly. Also, you’ll want to think about the amount of exposure to the sun your countertop will receive. Some materials withstand the sun’s harsh rays better than others.

If you’re confused about all your options, give us a call at 336-442-0160. We’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your outdoor kitchen.

Is An Outdoor Kitchen Expensive?

Any home improvement project is an investment. Fundamentally, when you improve your property, you gain added value offsetting the cost of the project. The amount of added value depends on factors such as the location, project scope, and material.

When we sit down with you, one of the first things we’ll discuss is your budget. Our goal is to provide an affordable solution you’ll love.

Plus, we offer financing options through Greensky®. You’ll find the quick, paperless application process simple and easy. Moreover, Greensky® has many promotional offers like deferred interest or affordable budget-minded options.

What About Flooring Choices?

Usually, flooring choices for outdoor kitchens include concrete and concrete pavers. While these materials are beautiful and durable, they aren’t everlasting. Water can penetrate and over time, undermine your patio’s strength and durability.

However, Landscape Solutions now offers Tufdek®, the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of waterproof vinyl decking. Offering unique designs, Tufdek® also stands up to the challenges of family life. It’s a dent, scratch, and UV-resistant waterproof flooring solution. Currently, we’re the only dealer in North Carolina that can install this revolutionary product.

Need Some Outdoor Kitchen Ideas?

Thinking about some ways to improve your outdoor space? Looking for some innovative outdoor kitchen ideas? We’re always posting pictures of our original transformations on Facebook and Instagram.

See something you like? Call us at 336-442-0160 to discuss a renovation of your outdoor space. We offer a free consultation to discuss your ideas and the best option for your landscape.