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​Give Your Yard the Gift of Some New Hardscapes

hardscapes With Christmas quickly approaching, hopefully you have started shopping for the folks on your list. And while you want to make sure you have all of your friends and family members covered, gifts do not just have to be for people. Why not get something for your home this year and, specifically, your yard? If you enjoy spending time outside, you may already have a nice little setup in your backyard, which might include a patio or deck. But there are many things you can do to make the space even better, such as by adding one or more hardscapes.

What are hardscapes?

Your yard basically has two different types of design elements. The landscaping – also know as the softscape – consists of the lawn, plants, trees, and all other natural features. Hardscapes are the man-made components, generally constructed of stone or other durable materials.

Types of hardscapes

The great part about hardscapes is that there are quite a few to choose from and they are completely customizable. Popular hardscapes include:


Just because your house came with a small patio does not mean you have to leave it that way. If yours just has enough room for a couple of lawn chairs and maybe a grill, you should think about expanding it. There are also a number of additions you can make to your patio, such as a fireplace, fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen.

Walkways and paths

Stone walkways and paths are hardscapes that always add a bit of charm to a yard. They are great on their own, but they can also be enhanced when bordered by plants or flowers. You may just want to fix up or replace the walkway you currently have that leads up to your front door.


Chances are your driveway has seen better days. Because of all the use it gets from cars, bikes, the weather, etc., most likely it has its fair share of cracks, holes, and stains. A new, freshly paved driveway would make a great gift for your home (and yourself). You can get one made of concrete or asphalt or if you are looking for something a little more stylish, you can consider a paver driveway. A paver driveway is composed of interlocking pavers that come in a variety of different materials and can be laid in the design of your choice.

Retaining walls

If your home sits on a slope, a retaining wall is a very good way to make sure soil stays in place. Retaining walls can also add an interesting visual element to a yard that can blend in nicely with your landscaping.

To show your yard how much you appreciate it, think about bringing in these hardscapes or improving the ones you already have. To get started, contact Landscape Solutions & Design. We will help you create hardscapes that will complement your house, give you a nicer yard, and add value to your home.