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​Greensboro Landscaping Services–a Year-Round Project

greensboro landscaping What Greensboro Landscaping Offers Your Yard

Whether it’s residential or commercial, Landscape Solutions and Design offer services to keep your lawn in proper shape. These services include, but are not limited, to:

• Patios: Custom pavers, concrete, and hand-laid pavers and stones are only a few of the ways our company can customize your outdoor living space. Patios are an extension of your indoor living space, and as such are an integral part of your home. Our Greensboro landscaping services include custom patios because they are an important part of your yard, and a place where your family will come to gather for years to come.
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• Water Features: Another staple in our Greensboro landscaping repertoire, water features offer some whimsy to what could be an otherwise boring yard or professional landscape. Ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountains offer something for guests and clients to gather around, and continue to talk about. Whether for the office or the home, our water features are sure to enhance your landscape!
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• Outdoor Kitchens and Living: Looking to entertain your guests? Landscape Solutions and Design offers the best in outdoor kitchen design. If you’re a fan of entertaining, or if one kitchen simply isn’t enough, this aspect of Greensboro landscaping is certainly for you. In fact, outdoor living is a specialty of our company. We value utilizing your yard during every occasion, no matter the season. Landscape Solutions and Design is here to help with custom fireplaces and kitchens, adding prestige to your home.
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• Lighting: Perfect for residential or commercial services, Landscape Solutions and Design offers custom lighting, sure to make your home or business stand out amongst the rest. Not only that, but provide your building with a sense of security and importance. Outdoor lighting is a part of Greensboro landscaping that cannot be missed! Our professional team is ready to install a custom lighting system for your home or business today!
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Our Commitment to Service

Whether it’s fireplaces or patios, waterfalls or kitchens: Landscape Solutions and Design is here with every solution Greensboro landscaping needs! Our services in the triad offer our clients the best when it comes to custom landscaping, and we are happy to stop by, or schedule a meeting to discuss your home or office’s transformation!

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