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Your Fire Pit – Learn about the Many Benefits


As part of an outdoor living space, fire pits are a great addition! As a source of heat, lighting, and cooking, they will expand the enjoyment of your backyard. Great for any season, a fire pit is the ideal accessory in the summer for roasting marshmallows. It is also perfect for keeping you warm in the cooler months.

Benefits of a fire pit

  •  Entertainment: Nothing says fun like a fire pit! Whether you’re having friends over or lounging in the backyard with your family, a cozy outdoor space is key. It also allows your guests to get a more intimate feeling during any of your outdoor events.
  • Culinary Advantages: Though they aren’t as precise as a grill, fire pits can still be useful for making casual food. You can use one to roast marshmallows or make kabobs. The culinary aspects of a fire pit are really more for social gatherings. They provide a fun and easy way to prepare snacks outdoors. Putting a fire rack over it can even give you the capabilities of a grill!
  • Value: Even if you aren’t into entertaining, a fire pit is also a wonderful source of ambiance and lighting. It can add tremendous value if you ever decide to sell.


When constructing any fire pit, Landscape Solutions and Design always puts safety first. We make sure that the walls around your outdoor space are high enough to avoid sending sparks anywhere. Plus, we build it using fire-resistant materials.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on delivering the best products to our customers. Our selections will always be current, and our standards always the highest and safest. Landscape Solutions and Design has you covered when it comes to your safety and satisfaction. We oversee and personally take care of any details that your fire pit may require. Give us a call today for a free consultation.