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Find Your Perfect Pondless Waterfall Design

Commercial Water FeatureBeautiful works of outdoor architecture are a fantastic addition to any yard. You’re familiar with fire pits and gazebos. However, what about something a little more unique? At Landscape Solutions and Design, we proudly invite you to consider a pondless waterfall design. We are proud to serve the Charlotte, Raleigh, Lake Norman, Piedmont Triad and Southern Pines areas. Our professionals can help you create the perfect focal point for your unique property.

Imagine your own oasis with pondless waterfall design

Paradise isn’t so far away with a pondless waterfall. We all love the soothing sight and sound of trickling water. Let us help you enjoy it daily. Our array of possibilities for a pondless waterfall design gives you the opportunity to create. The options are endless. We offer two basic types of pondless waterfalls—formal and informal. A formal waterfall incorporates different tiers over which the water can flow. Think of a design similar to a staircase. Layers of cascading water flow down these tiers into the basin below. If you’re interested in a more natural-looking waterfall, then informal is right for you. Recreating the slope of a natural waterfall is the key to an informal pondless waterfall design. No matter your choice, it’s guaranteed to add an atmosphere of tranquility to any home. It’s your very own oasis—in the comfort of your own backyard. Endless relaxation is only a phone call away.

Attention-getting designs add value to any home

Adding an outdoor installation to your home increases property value. The appearance of the properties in a neighborhood often affect potential buyers’ perceptions of the area. If you are looking to increase the curb appeal of your home, good landscaping is a great place to start. However, landscaping should not only be about potential monetary gain. Choose a design that you will enjoy! Relax knowing your yard looks great, and that you have created this personal space!

Less upkeep than a traditional pond

A pondless waterfall design effortlessly sets your yard apart from the rest. Relaxing and always in style, a pondless waterfall is a great addition to any outdoor setting. A pondless waterfall has all the perks of a babbling stream without the maintenance. The constant motion of the trickling water alleviates the need for constant cleaning. With your pondless waterfall, the water never stagnates. Ask us about our filtration systems to keep your waterfall sparkling and clean.

Save more space than with a traditional pond

Some people are concerned with the amount of space a traditional pond can take up. A pondless waterfall can be designed to be far more compact. Enjoy all the benefits of a water installation, without overly cramping your outdoor space. A pondless waterfall can be as simple or extravagant as you want. There is no limit to the possibilities! Perhaps you want to install an eye-catching statement piece, or incorporate a simple design into your current landscaping. No matter the size of the project, we look forward to designing it with you.

Don’t do it yourself—let us help!

Creating a beautiful installation is hard to do alone. Designing your perfect cascades of water and layered design needs a lot of careful planning. Doing it yourself can result in quite a mess! At Landscape Solutions and Design, our technicians have many years of experience. Take advantage of their professionalism and expertise. When you call Landscape Solutions and Design, you can expect nothing less than excellence. Easy to reach for anyone in the central NC area, call us to get started on your next landscaping project. With innovative ideas and eye-catching designs, your yard can reflect the uniqueness of your family. Think outside the norm. Consider installing an outdoor pondless waterfall, and start enjoying your own slice of backyard paradise.