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Outdoor Fireplace Construction Made Easy

outdoor fireplace constructionFinding yourself curious about outdoor fireplace construction?

If you have questions, let Landscape Solutions and Design answer them for you! Common questions involve construction processes and materials used. At Landscape Solutions and Design, our goal is to make it as easy as possible on you. Our expert hardscape artists combine years of experience to bring you the most stylish, inspired spaces possible. All while involving you in the creative process along the way. Our convenient locations make us easy to access from anywhere in the Triad, Charlotte, Raleigh, or surrounding areas. Together, we will create the perfect outdoor escape for you, right in your own yard.

What are the benefits of an outdoor fireplace?

Recall all the nights you’ve spent gathered around a fire with close friends and family. Recreate these memories and create new ones with your very own outdoor fireplace. Invite friends, family and neighbors to sit around the fire, sharing laughs throughout the night. Enjoy the warm glow and calming crackling of a fire. North Carolina weather is always perfect for an outdoor fireplace. Keep warm in the winter and host a barbecue in the summer! Add value and appeal to your home with a custom fireplace built to suit you and your family. Nostalgia has never looked so good.

What is the outdoor fireplace construction process?

As with any project, we start with the design. Tell us what you’re looking for—a statement piece to attract the eye? Or perhaps something more simple, to enjoy while peacefully reading a book? Tell us what you want, and we will custom-tailor a project to deliver something that is unique to your property. Next, we go into the tough stuff. Laying a solid concrete foundation, creating the frame, and adding a cement backing board are the first steps. Next, mortar is added to bind the cement building blocks together. Now, the fun part is here—you will choose your custom stone, and we will install it for a refined, finished look. Now we will cap the chimney, and you can start enjoying your brand new fireplace!

What materials can I choose from?

As far as materials used to build an outdoor fireplace, nearly anything goes. Natural materials such as stone and brick are a popular choice. Concrete fireplaces are also an option. It is possible to use stucco as a building material for more ornate custom pieces. You just tell us what you are looking for—we will make it happen. With so many style possibilities, we are sure to be able to give you the outdoor fireplace of your dreams.

Start a life of luxurious outdoor living

Dinner parties, birthday celebrations, and more will be more fun with your new outdoor fireplace. Landscape Solutions and Design even offers you the opportunity to see your new fireplace before we begin construction. With our innovative technology, we can create a digital model of your fireplace for you to observe and ensure it’s exactly what you want, before construction has even started. With Landscape Solutions and Design, exceptional product and customer service are guaranteed. We value the trust you place in us to deliver a quality, unique new installation to your home. We can’t wait to hear from you.