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Explore the World of Custom Hardscape Ideas

LED-Landscape-LightingLandscape Solutions and Design can bring any of your hardscape ideas to life

Any residential or commercial property benefits from custom hardscape ideas. No matter how pristine the interior of a building may be, it means nothing if the exterior doesn’t match. Impress your friends, neighbors, or customers when you add a custom outdoor hardscape to your home or business.

What is a hardscape?

You’ve likely heard of landscaping. Artfully arranging outdoor plants is an elegant way to dress up any yard. However, what about hardscaping? Hardscaping is the artful arrangement of inorganic elements in a yard. Things like adding a flowing waterfall, or a brick fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen are examples of hardscapes. If you are looking for a unique way to bring life to your yard, these hardscaping ideas are perfect for you. Gather friends and family together for a night of laughter and love around your new fireplace. Host a dinner party—without having to clean the messy dining room!–in your new outdoor kitchen. With so many ways to make your yard unique, yet functional, you won’t even know where to start. Let Landscape Solutions and Design help.

Add appeal to any yard

A well-manicured lawn is something to be appreciated. However, are you utilizing your yard to its full extent? Get more out of your yard when you install any of our fantastic hardscapes. If you love the sound of trickling water, a pondless waterfall is perfect for you. A pondless waterfall is an endlessly cycling waterfall that can be designed in a variety of ways.

Commercial businesses benefit from hardscaping

Whether we realize it or not, humans subconsciously judge the appearance of a building before they decide to enter it. If your landscaping is sub par, you can be sure your clients notice. If your building is surrounded by poorly landscaped terrain, or simply drab concrete; potential customers are sure to take note. It is easy to assume that if the exterior of a business is poorly kept, then the business itself may be similar. We know that’s not true. Let the exterior reflect your business’ tone. Take pride in your building’s appearance when you install an eye catching hardscape. Have you ever considered a fountain? We experience a natural attraction to running water. A beautifully designed fountain right outside your door is sure to impress and please any customer. If you notice your business suffering, its lack of landscaping may well be a factor. Get business back to normal by exploring any of our custom hardscaping ideas.

State-of-the-art technology ensures satisfaction

If you’re feeling hesitant about your design, we can help. We use top quality equipment to fully map out and display your design idea. Have an idea in your head of the perfect outdoor kitchen? Let us make sure it is exactly how you dreamed it. Once the design is perfect and your ideas take shape, we will get started. With Landscape Solutions and Design, you are part of our team. Each unique installation we create comes right out of the imagination of its owner. Make a choice you can feel good about and create an elegant design that will last many years…and add to the value of your home or business…when you call Landscape Solutions and Design today.