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Backyard Hardscaping Ideas to Transform Your Home

Commercial-Water-LandscapesThe backyard is an extension of your home. You may have a vision of space for additional living, entertaining, or just relaxing. Hardscaping can accomplish this and more. Done correctly, new designs will not only enhance the comfort in your home, but also add to the value of your home. With some planning and creative backyard hardscaping designs, you can make the most of this space.

Garden Pond or Fountain

Ponds and fountains are the most requested backyard hardscaping designs. They provide an environment of tranquility and a very attractive aesthetic. The variety of materials available make it easy to fit into any style of home. Determine how much maintenance you can handle to determine the features of your backyard hardscaping. Consider the size of your backyard. Is it large enough to host a viable pond? If your pond includes fish and plants, it will require monitoring to keep the water healthy and clear. A large pond is easier to maintain because the waste from fish will not build up as quickly. If you have limited space and are adding other features to your backyard hardscaping, a pond may not be the way to go. If space is minimal, a fountain or waterfall can still achieve peaceful aesthetic and usually requires less maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

An outdoor kitchen and dining area is great for entertaining. You can opt for a basic outdoor cooking area with a patio, grill, and countertop or you can go for luxury with the addition of various appliances. If opting for a basic outdoor kitchen, keep it close to the house because you will be going back and forth between the two. A luxury kitchen usually has everything you need so it can be located anywhere within the backyard hardscaping. What you’ll also need to consider is access to electricity or hot water. Materials are important in your outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel grills and appliances will endure outdoor conditions. Brick and stone are sturdy, lasting materials to build your kitchen. After preparing a delicious meal outdoors, it makes sense to enjoy it outdoors. Designing a large patio will allow you to accommodate a large number of guests. A covering for the patio will shield you and your guests from direct sunlight and rain. When selecting outdoor dining furniture, teak or wrought iron are resistant to the elements.

Play Areas

If you have children, playsets are a great addition to your backyard hardscaping. Some factors in selecting the playset are size, materials, safety, appearance, and durability. You can opt for a basic playset with swings, a ladder and slide, and a playhouse or you can go premium with your own customizations. The playsets can be made of metal, wood or vinyl. Each material has its own pros and cons. Wood is attractive and affordable but will require maintenance. Metal is strong and low maintenance, but can get hot and may rust over time. Vinyl is also low maintenance. Although it doesn’t get hot in the sun, it may become discolored. It is also subject to warping and cracking. Regardless of the material, minimal annual upkeep is needed to keep them safe. You also need to select the ground covering for the playset to reduce risk of injury. You can always opt for grass. Other materials are available depending on how much you want spend and how the appearance fits into your backyard hardscaping. Sand, bark, pea gravel, and rubberized mulch are additional options.

These are just some of the ideas available to create or enhance your backyard hardscaping. With proper planning and help from a professional landscaper, such as Landscape Solutions & Design, you can transform your backyard. Landscape Solutions & Design can handle any landscaping or hardscaping projects you require and can keep your property in top shape all year round.