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Enjoy Many Advantages By Building A Back Yard Pizza Oven

Back Yard Pizza OvenDuring the years of lockdown and social isolation, restrictions limited social interactions to small groups outside. So, homeowners turned to their back yards for entertainment. In time, the back yard pizza oven became one of the most popular additions. Yet, many homeowners want more than just a functional structure. When you want to add a unique focal point to your yard, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Benefits Of An Outdoor Pizza Oven

With so many landscaping options to choose to build in your back yard, why pick a pizza oven? Aside from the obvious reason for cooking up the best pizza, building this structure provides many other great benefits.

1. Focal Point

You may have a very nice back yard. However, if you want to impress people, you need a stunning focal point. Entertaining while preparing food for your guests ensures you never miss the action. Plus, a beautifully designed outdoor pizza oven can bring people outside and creates a natural gathering space.

2. Unique Flavor

Tired of soggy frozen pizza and bland takeout? Cooking your pizza over a wood fire gives it a unique taste. Plus, you can change the flavor of your pizza by using different kinds of wood. Typically, you’ll need to use a hardwood to generate enough heat. By mixing in some fruitwood, your food will take on a mild subtle sweet, fruity flavor.

3. Everyone Loves Pizza

No matter how you slice it, pizza is most people’s favorite food. To illustrate, America has over 75,000 pizza restaurants spanning a $37 billion dollar industry. Now, imagine being able to cook up gourmet pizza for your friends and family any time you want.

4. Cooks Faster

On average, your outdoor pizza oven will heat to about 700-800 degrees. In contrast, most indoor ovens can only reach about 500 degrees. Cooking at a higher temperature gives your crust a soft interior yet a crunchy exterior. Plus, your pizza will be fully cooked in about 2 minutes.

5. Better Nutrition

By making your pizza at home, you can use high-quality, healthy ingredients. Moreover, by cooking in a pizza oven at high temperatures, your vegetable toppings will retain more of their nutrients.

6. You Can Cook More Than Pizza

Some people wrongly assume that you can only cook pizza in one of these ovens. However, your pizza oven can cook meats, fish, vegetables, bread, and desserts.

The Best Option For My Back Yard Pizza Oven

Once you’ve decided you want a back yard pizza oven, you may consider DIYing it. After all, many Youtubers and bloggers make it look so simple. However, even experienced DIYers can make very serious and costly mistakes.

Pizza ovens require very specific construction for your food to cook properly. For example, making your oven too big will take too long to heat it. Additionally, making the mouth of the oven the incorrect dimensions will allow too much air to exchange. In this scenario, your oven won’t be able to retain heat.

Finally, a failure to properly insulate your wood burning oven can cause cooking problems and even be dangerous. Without insulation, heat will be constantly escaping, requiring more fuel and making cooking very difficult. Moreover, the outside will become extremely hot and can cause a serious burn if accidentally touched.

FAQs About Building A Back Yard Pizza Oven

Investing in your yard can be a big but worthwhile expense. To help you make informed choices, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions.

Can I Use Concrete For My Pizza Oven?

While concrete is a strong and durable material, high temperatures can affect its physical and mechanical properties. Moreover, heat from an outdoor oven can potentially cause concrete to explode.

Professionals use a special form of concrete when building outdoor ovens. High-heat refractory concrete can withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees. This is more than twice as hot as the temperature in your pizza oven.

Is It Necessary To Have A Chimney On An Outdoor Oven?

Venting a wood burning oven is important for keeping the flames burning efficiently and removing smoke. Without a chimney, smoke can only escape through the mouth of the oven. Not only does this make it difficult to cook, but smoke also contains particulate matter (PM). Breathing in air with PM can be detrimental to your health.

Moreover, your local municipality will probably have laws as to the location, dimensions, and design of your outdoor structure. Usually, one of these requirements will require your outdoor pizza oven to have a chimney.

How Much Will It Cost To Build A Pizza Oven?

Generally, prices will vary based on the size and building material. Thankfully, Landscape Solutions & Designs, Inc. offers free no-obligation estimates for all our projects.

What Sets Your Company Apart From Other Landscapers?

You need a special kind of landscaper to construct a beautiful, functional structure. While many contractors may have the experience, not all can create a stunning focal point. When you want a “wow” factor in your yard, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

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