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The Right Backyard Landscaping Can Give You the Perfect Stay-at-Home Vacation

backyard landscaping With summer rapidly approaching, you and your family have probably given some thought to what you want to do over the next few months. While everyone may have their own opinions about summer trips (Disney World has almost certainly been mentioned once or twice if you have young children), you may want to think about staying a little closer to home, much closer in fact. Instead of spending a lot of money on plane fare, accommodations, and then whatever event attractions will need tickets, why not invest that money back into your home? By enhancing your backyard landscaping, you can turn your home into your own little resort. Who needs the annoyance of travel when you can enjoy an oasis just by stepping out your backdoor? To make it happen, here are things to think about adding to your backyard landscaping:

Pizza Oven

Perhaps you have considered taking a trip to New York or Chicago. Sure, there is a ton of culture and things to do in those cities, but their pizza should certainly be at the top of the list of can’t-miss experiences. But with your very own pizza oven highlighting your backyard landscaping, who needs to go anywhere? You can make fresh pies exactly the way your family likes them. Your pizza oven would be great for anytime, but especially for a party. Forget the standard hamburgers and hotdogs at a barbecue; you will be the hit of the neighborhood when you serve your pizzas!


Ever dreamed of visiting Rome? The city is chock full of history and art and there are many spectacular sights to see, including the famous Trevi Fountain. But why go all the way to Italy when you can have a fountain added to your backyard landscaping? Sure, you may not have the room or money for something as immense as the Trevi Fountain, but you can still create something amazing. And the best part is that you can design it however you like, including choosing the materials that will go best with your backyard landscaping and your home.

Fire Pit

Was camping mentioned as a possible activity to do this summer? Sitting around a campfire is definitely fun, particularly if you have brought along some marshmallows and somebody is adept at telling stories. But you can replicate that exactly with your own fire pit in your backyard landscaping. It is also much easier and safer to start and contain a fire in a pit instead of in a makeshift circle of rocks you would find at a campground. Plus, if you forgot the marshmallows, you can just go into your house to grab them!

Backyard Landscaping with Landscape Solutions and Design

If you are convinced that your backyard can be just as great as any far-off destination, get in touch with Landscape Solutions & Design. No matter how you want to improve your backyard landscaping, we have the tools, talent, and knowledge that will help you get more out of your outdoor living space for many years to come. Remember that all of these hardscapes become a permanent part of your property. A vacation trip lasts just a few days, but you will enjoy these features for many years.