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Take Your Landscaping Greensboro, NC to New Heights

Commerical-LandscapingLandscaping Greensboro, NC is a snap with Landscape Solutions and Design!  With spring temperatures starting to rise and summer just around the corner, we are entering the backyard entertaining season. Now is the time to think about planning something for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, or perhaps a graduation party or even an equinox shindig. There are plenty of opportunities to invite your friends and neighbors over for some food and fun. But before the guests arrive, look closely at your yard. While you may take good care of your grass, there is probably a lot more you can do with your landscaping in Greensboro, NC. To create the best party venue in your neighborhood, consider these ideas to augment your yard.

A new design

Chances are your landscaping is set up pretty much how it was the day you moved into your home. You may have radically changed the interior or even added some new rooms, but what about the exterior? Most people typically do not give their landscaping a lot of attention. If you have always wanted things rearranged or new flower beds or bushes put in, why not go for it with a completely new design?

Unique elements

When it comes to a yard, there are basically two different components. The first is the landscape, which is comprised of all of the natural elements, including grass, trees, etc. The other part is the hardscape, which are the man-made features. Right now your only hardscapes may be your driveway and stone path, but there are so many other options. If you love to entertain, putting in a new patio is an excellent idea. You can have seating built in and even include a fire pit or fireplace.

Outdoor living

In addition to your parties, perhaps you are looking to spend more time outside, and you can do this by having an entire living area built. This could contain a covered dining area and maybe a bar. You could also create a fabulous outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, refrigeration, and even a pizza oven. The space constraints with the kitchen inside your home will not have to be a concern when you have an outdoor kitchen.

Landscape Solutions and Design, Landscaping Greensboro, NC

If you do not want to go inside once the sun goes down (and who will blame you with your spectacular new yard), you will need a quality lighting setup. Whether you want to light up your whole yard or perhaps just create a nice glowing atmosphere, the right lights can have a big impact on your landscaping.

Want to do something amazing with your yard this year? Just get in touch with the experts at Landscape Solutions & Design. Our knowledgeable staff will help you design an incredible space you will love all year long. No matter where your home is located in the Piedmont area, we will send somebody out to talk about your ideas and to give you a free quote. We even have the latest software that can show you how your property will look after the new additions are installed! Contact us today to get the process started.