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Sod Installation – How a Yard Can Immediately Benefit

Having sod installed at your home or business is the epitome of instant gratification. Deciding to totally transform your landscaping involves a lot of work and hassle. This is why you definitely do not want to end up with straw all over your lawn. With a sod installation you do not have to worry about all the fuss and mess of the straw.

Why you should consider sod installation

Sod is basically a living grass carpet, so it immediately adds that beautiful green color to your lawn. A new piece of sod is about two inches thick. To install it, it is simply rolled out directly onto your prepared lawn.

The best part of a sod installation is that the grass is already growing and thriving. This means that there really is no waiting around to have that beautiful lawn you desire. Instead of waiting weeks and months for a full, lush, green lawn, choose to have sod installed. This will allow you to be able to enjoy the results instantly.

Choose Landscape Solutions & Design for your sod installation

Maybe you are renovating a home for resale or you have a grand opening for your new business? Perhaps the lawn does not look great but time is running out? Let the pros at Landscape Solutions & Design install sod for you. We guarantee that nobody will ever know it was a last-minute effort. With a quick sod installation you will see your property go from bare and boring to beautiful in a matter of hours!

Call our team of sod experts today and let us fill you in on just how easy it can be to have the lawn of your dreams almost instantly. You can get in touch with us now by filling out our online contact form.