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Outdoor Living Trends: Outdoor Fireplace Construction

outdoor fireplace constructionInterest in spending more time outdoors is increasing. Beyond the summer season, homeowners want continued enjoyment of their backyards and landscaping. Relaxing outdoor on a cool night or entertaining guests into the evening is possible even during the cooler nights. Fireplaces and fire pits are favorites among those who enjoy outdoor retreats to the backyard. Comfort and ambience are very much intertwined into the trends of outdoor fireplace construction, making them great as centerpieces and as a gathering place. Here are some trends concerning outdoor fireplace construction for the home.

Water Features

Who says water and fire don’t mix? New trends in outdoor fireplace construction successfully combines these two elements together in an elegant display. Creative designs combine waterfalls with the fireplace to add the relaxing sound of water mixed with the warmth of flames. The mood creates an inviting atmosphere for any type of activity. This outdoor fireplace construction is great as a decorative centerpiece when entertaining, dining, or just relaxing.

Linear Fireplace Design

Linear fireplaces are a popular choice for adding a modern style to your yard. The added length compared to a traditional fireplace gives more room for guests and families to gather around. Outdoor fireplace construction can be customized with a variety of contemporary designs and styles to match your home and landscaping. Material options include metal, stone, and decorative wood. The short flames of gas fireplaces are distributed across a longer area and are still able to output the needed amount of heat. Linear fireplaces also are available in electric models that feature realistic looking flames.

High Tech Fireplaces

As homes move toward more technology based features, so is the outdoor fireplace. Construction of this feature in outdoor landscapes is adding technology features that maximize the user experience. Technology allows the homeowner to redirect and adjust the heat distribution in the outdoor area. Heat can be concentrated to a central area or distributed to the sides. The heat can be switched off it not needed. Guests and family can still enjoy the ambiance of flames. Remotes also offer personalized operation. Change settings without moving from your comfortable position. Fireplaces can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times.

Double Fireplace

Two is better than one. A two sided fireplace in an outdoor patio area can help divide the space for different purposes. One side can face a dining area. Guests and family members can enjoy the warmth and light of the fire while gathering over a meal. The opposite side can serve as a focal point for casual seating. This focal point sets the mood for a group of friends enjoying drinks and casual conversation.

Outdoor Fireplace Construction with Landscape Solutions and Design

At Landscape Solutions, we can design and install an outdoor fireplace construction that beautifully transforms your yard’s landscape. Our expertise in creating outdoor living spaces opens the way for endless designs, options, and styles that fit your needs. Explore this popular feature combined with our creativity and expertise to complete your outdoor design. Contact us today to request a quote.