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Lawn Maintenance Near Me For A Beautiful and Enjoyable Lawn

lawn maintenance near meFor many homeowners, a lush looking lawn is a sign of success. It’s a physical demonstration that you have the money to maintain a beautiful looking yard. While if you have a business, your property is a way to attract customers. Yet, finding a professional lawn care service may seem difficult or time-consuming. When looking for lawn maintenance near me with dependable service, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

We’ve been serving the greater Piedmont Triad area since 2005. With a full portfolio of landscaping services, we’re waiting to transform your property. Our crews can handle residential, commercial, and restaurant landscaping projects. From weekly maintenance tasks to design and construction, we work hard to make your property beautiful.

The Importance Of Lawn Care Maintenance

For many homeowners, an expanse of lush, vibrant green turf is just plain aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, there are many other reasons why having a healthy lawn are important:

  • Increases property value
  • Prevents runoff and erosion
  • Produces oxygen
  • Reduces pollution
  • Absorbs noise
  • Moderates temperature

First, a nice-looking lawn will boost your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, a well-kept yard will increase the overall value of your home. Some real estate brokers estimate a 15% increase in your home’s value.

Furthermore, your grass performs some tough jobs like erosion control. All types of grass produce a large root system that spreads significantly holding the soil together. Moreover, grass blades channel rain to the soil reducing runoff. As runoff seeps into the soil, the roots also help filter out pollutants.

In addition, your well-maintained turf also helps lessen the greenhouse effect. One of the primary greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. Healthy grass absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen for us to breathe. In fact, a small plot of healthy grass can produce oxygen to support a family of 4 for 1 year. Moreover, your lawn will trap and remove other harmful pollutants from the air.

Next, grassy areas moderate the temperature of the surrounding area. During the day, grass absorbs the sun’s heat for photosynthesis. Then, your lawn slowly releases some of this heat during the evening hours. This has the effect of helping to moderate the temperature of the surrounding area.

Finally, your lawn also helps reduce noise pollution. Surfaces that are uneven and soft are the best at absorbing sound. Grassy areas present such a surface and are very effective at reducing noise levels.

What’s Involved In A Lawn Care Program?

Unfortunately for homeowners, a great looking lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes feeding, weeding, aerating, watering, and mowing. Typically, the average American spends about 32 hours per month on their yard work. That’s a lot of time that you could use to be doing something else.

Even just doing the bare minimum of weekly mowing your grass is very time-consuming. Plus, if all you’re doing is mowing, soon your grass won’t be healthy. Grass needs nutrients for optimal health.

However, it needs nutrients in the proper amounts. Too much of one or another nutrient can cause additional lawn problems. That’s why it’s important to start with a soil test. Once you know what your soil is lacking, you’ll be able to give your grass exactly what it needs.

Additionally, lawn fertilization must occur at certain times of the year with the recommended fertilizer for that season. Seasonal fertilizer has a unique blend of nutrients to help the grass grow for that particular time of the year. Thus, using a summer lawn fertilizer in the winter may leave your grass lacking in certain nutrients.

Even if you properly feed your lawn, you may find weeds popping up. Generally, a lawn care service will apply a weed preventer when fertilizing as well. However, weather variations can make the timing of pre-emergent weed control difficult. Plus, weed control products are only effective for a limited time. Therefore, if you apply them too soon, you’ll be wasting your time.

A Lawn Mowing Service Will Properly Cut Your Grass

Certainly, by the look of some lawns, some homeowners put little thought into proper mowing techniques. Yet, how you mow your yard can directly impact the health of your turf. Improper mowing can severely stress your grass and possibly even kill it!

If you mow your lawn too short, you’ll cut off the plant’s main generator of food. Moreover, short blades can’t keep the soil cool thus inviting weeds. Shorter blades also allow the soil to dry out requiring more frequent watering.

However, letting your grass grow too long creates the ideal environment for insects and pests. Additionally, longer grass is harder to mow. Plus, let it grow too long and you may be facing a fine from your town.

Notably, there is an ideal height for each particular type of grass. Most lawn care professionals recommend cutting only 1/3 of the height of the blades at a single cutting. Hence, during the active growing cycles, you may have to mow more often.

Lawn mowing in the same direction every time is also detrimental to your turf. Mowing in the same pattern can compact your soil preventing nutrients from reaching the roots. Furthermore, you’ll affect how your grass grows. The grass will bend in one direction creating bald patches.

Finally, mowing with a dull lawnmower blade tears the grass rather than cutting it. A dull blade may also pull up chunks of your grass. This additional stress on your lawn makes it more susceptible to insects, weeds, and disease.

Yet, you can avoid all these mistakes and free up some of your time. Hire a professional lawn maintenance near me with great reviews, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Our services include lawn mowing, yard cleanup, shrub care, mulch, and many other landscaping tasks.

Lawn Mowing Is Only Part Of The Complete Job

You’ve finished mowing and take a look at your yard. Neatly trimmed, your grass appears neat and tidy. However, it lacks the polished characteristic of your neighbor’s yard. If you want your lawn to have a crisp, manicured look, you also need to trim and edge your grass.

When you mow, there are parts of your lawn that you can’t reach with your mower. Sometimes, mowing too close to some areas may injure planting beds. These are the areas where you need to trim. Leaving the grass high in these areas will give your yard a sloppy, unkempt appearance.

Hand in hand with trimming is edging. This process cuts a thin strip in your lawn along walkways, driveways, and planting beds. If you skip this step, grass will begin to grow over and extend into these hardscape areas. Avoiding this step will also give your yard an unfinished look.

Undertaking these additional tasks will increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Moreover, you should do both of these tasks weekly when you mow your lawn. Generally, lawn maintenance services include both edging and trimming.

Improper Grading Can Affect The Health Of Your Lawn

Have you noticed puddles or swampy areas in your lawn after a rainstorm? If the answer is yes, you might need a re-grading of your yard. Soil settles over time creating low areas. When it rains, water will trickle into these low-lying areas creating pools and marshy areas.

Not only are these areas an eyesore, but they’re also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These insects may carry several diseases, putting your family at risk. Additionally, if located near your house, this pooling water can damage your foundation.

Standing water can also drown plants including grass. All plant roots need oxygen in the soil to survive. Excessive water will fill in the gaps where the roots find oxygen. Without oxygen, your plants will die.

A properly graded yard gives you a more level surface for moving around or playing. Plus, excess water will drain away from your house into the community’s stormwater drainage system. However, grading your yard is not a DIY project. Although many people think all dirt is equal, soil varies in composition. Using the right dirt may mean the difference between a beautiful lawn or a flood zone.

Landscape Solutions & Design can grade land for new construction or regrade existing property. For existing properties, we’ll fill in low lying areas to prevent pooling and marshy areas. Plus, we’ll create an erosion control plan so you can avoid future regrading.

We Have The Solution For Hilly Yards

Sometimes, you may need more than just grading to stop erosion and runoff. Your property may be very hilly or steep in places. By adding a retaining wall, you can create more usable land while solving erosion problems.

While serving an important function, retaining walls also add visual interest to your property. Furthermore, we can build a retaining wall from a variety of materials including timber, concrete, stones, or pavers. Thus, we can integrate your wall with other hardscape elements such as a walkway or patio.

However, retaining walls are only one type of hardscape we can design and install. Other options include:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Water Features
  • Arbors
  • Fireplaces
  • Firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pergola/cabana

Each can add visual interest and function to your outdoor living space. Plus, by incorporating hardscapes, you’ll eliminate grassy areas. Less grass means less time on maintenance and more time relaxing.

In recent years, many homeowners have been working on their outdoor spaces to convert them into a relaxing retreat. With many people now working from home, interest in outdoor projects continues to grow. Popular trending additions include the installation of fireplaces, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens.

As working from home and remote learning continues into the year, families are struggling to comfortably accommodate everyone. Interest in pergolas has also risen considerably leading Houzz magazine to dub 2021 “The Year of the Pergola”.

Building stand-alone structures such as cabanas are also on the rise. These types of structures provide a dedicated workspace for your home office. You can also set up a personal gym for exercising or just a quiet space to relax.

Whatever your needs and budget, we can design and install the perfect hardscape solution for you. Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has one focus, your customer satisfaction. Together, we can personalize your outdoor dream.

Lawn Maintenance Near Me

“Nothing is more pleasant to the eye than green grass kept finely shorn.”

– Francis Bacon

Typically, lawn mowing is the furthest thing from your mind in the winter. However, now is the time to find a lawn care provider. If you want a lush green lawn when spring arrives, you need to do some maintenance now. When searching for professional lawn maintenance near me with proven results, contact Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

With over 45 years of combined experience, we have built our company primarily on references from satisfied customers. Our secret? Kostas Menegakis, our owner, begins by personally meeting with all our customers. His passion for landscaping and people combines to ensure every project exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Plus, we offer a variety of landscaping services for both commercial and residential properties:

  • Lawn care
  • Garden design
  • Tree/shrub trimming
  • Hardscape design and installation
  • Irrigation systems
  • Grading
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal
  • And more!

Spring isn’t far away and you need to get your turf off to a great start. Begin by calling us today at 336-442-0160.