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Landscaping Solutions for the Ideal Yard

landscaping solutionsYour yard represents your home. Would you want a barren yard or a lush beautiful landscape with manicured lawns and shrubs to make a statement? Landscaping not only adds beauty to your property, but also adds value to your home. Once you’ve decided to landscape your yard, there is some planning involved before diving into the project.

Get to Know Your Yard

We often don’t pay close attention to the yard beyond the overall look. When landscaping, it is important to know what kind of soil is in your yard. Certain plants will thrive in certain soils. Some plants need sandy soil that drains water quickly or they may need soft soil that holds water. The weather in your area is also a concern. Do you get a lot of rain? Are there four seasons? The viability of certain plants depends on the weather conditions. Light is another factor to consider. Determine what areas of your yard get direct sunlight or are constantly shaded. Some plants need direct sunlight while others may require shading.

Plan Your Yard Layout

You don’t need to be a master artist but drawing a sketch of your home and yard will help you put your landscape together. The sketch should include any existing landscape features such as trees, shrubs, gardens, or any structures. Once you know what is there, you can add elements to accent your yard’s landscape. You may want to add walkways, water features, outdoor living areas or other design elements. Determine where you want the focal points in your yard. Don’t forget to plan for the future. You may not want to incorporate everything at the same time, Make space for the things you may want to add to your landscape in the future.

Choose Your Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

Plants that are native to your area will reduce the amount of maintenance work needed. The plants that are accustomed to the soil and weather conditions and will naturally thrive. Non-native plants will require more specialized care. It helps to group plants with similar needs to simplify their care. Shrubs and trees add so much presence to the landscape and are long lasting with proper care. Blooming trees add colorful foliage and flowers that accent the change of seasons.

Plan for Maintenance

To retain the beauty of your yard, it has to be properly maintained. Plant life continually grows. Flowers and gardens need watering and weeding. Trees and shrubs need trimming. Lawns need edging and mowing. When plants are healthy, they are easier to care for. Installing borders around your shrubs, gardens, and perennial beds are a good way to stop encroaching grass and weed growth.

Our Landscaping Solutions

Although regular maintenance keeps your landscape looking the best, you may not want to take it on alone. Experienced landscaping technicians such as Landscape Solutions can help. As the premier landscape and hardscape specialist in the Piedmont Triad area, the experts at Landscape Solutions have the tools and know-how to properly maintain your landscape. Trees and shrubs are pruned regularly to maintain growth and a healthy appearance. Lawns are mowed, manicured, and treated to prevent the growth of weeds. Gardens are planted and maintained to retain their beautiful appearance.

If you are located in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem or surrounding areas, call Landscape Solutions & Design today for your landscaping needs.