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​Professional Landscaping Greensboro, NC

landscaping greensboro, ncLooking for high quality landscaping Greensboro, NC?

There’s no denying the appeal of a well-manicured lawn. Friends, family, and neighbors alike appreciate the time and attention that good landscaping requires. Do you fear that your yard may be lacking? Don’t spend any more time wondering where to find the best landscaping Greensboro, NC has to offer. Landscape Solutions and Design is the Triad’s leading landscaping company. We offer a variety of services, from residential and commercial landscaping to year-round maintenance service. If you are looking to have a yard that looks great all year round, call Landscape Solutions and Design. We’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Residential landscaping services

The interior of your home is beautifully decorated and well-kept; shouldn’t your yard be, as well? A well-manicured lawn takes more than just an occasional grooming. Expert landscapers can take your yard from acceptable to stunning in no time at all. When you contact Landscape Solutions and Design, you know we’re ready to undertake any project. We will artfully arrange flowers, shrubs and trees in a way that shows exactly how much pride you take in your home. Send a message of warmth and welcome with beautiful, expert residential landscaping from Landscape Solutions and Design.

Commercial landscaping services

The outside of your business is the first thing any potential clients or investors see. If the exterior of your business is drab, what message are you sending them? Ensure that you are sending the right one when you contact Landscape Solutions and Design to perfect your outdoor business space. Add shrubs and flowers around the entrance to make customers feel invited and at ease. Get rid of any dead trees or old, faded mulching. With Landscape Solutions and Design, we even offer year-round maintenance to make sure your business’s outdoor space stays beautiful and enticing through every season.

Hardscaping services

Perhaps your landscaping has already been perfected. Is it still missing something? There’s a chance you need to take your yard to the next level with professional hardscaping. Landscape Solutions and Design can help. Hardscaping is any inorganic feature worked in to your organic landscaping. Would a patio surrounded by bushes be the perfect touch in your existing yard? Landscape Solutions and Design is the perfect team for the job. Feeling a little unsure? That’s perfectly fine. We use state of the art technology to digitally render any design you can imagine. You will have seen a perfect model of your new hardscaping or landscaping project before we even break ground.

Outdoor living

Outdoor living is the current craze in landscaping. If you’re looking for a way to better utilize your existing space, we urge you to consider adding an outdoor living space. Things like fire pits, outdoor fireplaces or kitchens, and waterfalls are examples of outdoor living spaces. The idea of an outdoor living space is to give you a dreamy outdoor getaway, right in your own backyard.

Landscape Solutions and Design is right for any job

When it comes to perfecting any outdoor space, Landscape Solutions and Design is the place to go. Ready for anything, our team of experts is certified and knowledgeable in the field of landscaping. Whether you’re looking for traditional landscaping or hardscaping, or want to know more about outdoor living, call today. When it comes to landscaping, Greensboro, NC has no better place to turn than Landscape Solutions and Design. Perfect for any resident of the Triad, contact us about your next outdoor project today.