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A Thoughtful Hardscape Provides Function and Beauty

Hardscapes_CommercialHomeowners will hardscape their property to make it function better or to make it more beautiful. It’s very important to understand why you are planning your project so that we, at Landscaping Solutions & Design, can best advise and assist you in accomplishing your goals.

From patios to outdoor kitchens to retaining walls to sidewalks, careful planning will result in the grounds around your home working better to help your family enjoy the space. Benches, gazebos and garden paths will help guests feel relaxed and welcome. And, the happy side-effect is that these features will require little-to-no maintenance and may actually decrease the area that will have to be planted, trimmed and mowed.

A well-planned hardscape can increase your home’s value by adding landscaping that enhances the architectural detail of your residence and beautifies your surrounding property. From bucolic fencing to fountains or pools to artistic statuary, your carefully cultivated surroundings can add a great deal to the beauty of your environment.

General Design Strategies

Typically, landscapers will advise homeowners to employ a mix of hardscape, which includes all man-made or built features, and softscape, which incorporates natural-growth areas as well as planted and cultivated lawns and gardens. The proportion will depend on your family and their usage of the spaces. For example, if you put a patio in a small inner-city yard, you will have a higher ratio of man-made to natural outdoor space. But, if you have a large property that you accent with walkways and fencing, you will have more natural areas than built ones. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference.

Also, professionals generally prefer overall balance over strict symmetry, creating designs based on similar scale rather than mirror images. Such environments might feature an area with a boulder or artistic pile of rocks balanced by a stone fountain, or a group of tiered plant containers that counter-balance a garden bench. Such placement is pleasing to the eye but avoids a boring, repetitive series of objects.

A professional hardscape usually incorporates a focal point, too. This feature provides an anchor to keep the environment centered. Many times such a focal point will be larger or more compelling, such as a gazebo or water feature, and other elements will act as a support or complement to the main structure.

Whatever features you decide to use, remember that the environment as a whole should reflect a cohesive blend of style. The residence, lawn, gardens and other structures should not reflect significantly different genres or colors or materials, but should provide a coordinated overall environment. Not only does this create “curb appeal” that makes your home attractive to others, whether you want to sell it or just make it a pleasant addition to the neighborhood, it also provides a supportive haven for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Call the professionals here at Landscaping Solutions & Design to discuss your wishes for your home’s outside spaces. We are here to help you plan the perfect environment for your family.