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Greensboro Landscaping Enhances Homes & Businesses

Mowing-and-TrimmingMost all of us have heard the catch phrase “curb appeal.” Often, it’s used when referencing the enhancement of a home’s exterior when trying to sell it. But, why should we only focus on that when planning to move out? Shouldn’t we get to enjoy a little fabulous curb appeal while living in our home? Of course, we should! Keep reading to see how Landscape Solutions & Design can spruce up your Greensboro landscaping today!

Furthermore, Landscape Solutions doesn’t just focus on homes. We plan appealing outdoor spaces for businesses as well!

Residential Greensboro Landscaping Services

Trying to figure out what sort of landscaping blends best with your home can feel a little challenging. Conversely, driving through a neighborhood and choosing which styles you prefer is pretty easy. In fact, that’s a really great way to get your Greensboro landscaping in motion.

First, browse through neighborhoods, magazines and/or websites to get a feel for what attracts your eye. Keep in mind, just because certain features look fabulous with one house, it doesn’t mean they’ll fit cohesively with yours. But, don’t worry, that’s why Landscape Solutions & Design uses cutting-edge technology. Once we get an idea of what you like during your FREE consultation, we compile your preferences. Uniquely, our sophisticated software shows you what your property will look like with various combinations.

Next, our experienced professionals guide you through the planning process. They make recommendations based on your property layout, budget and location. Furthermore, our designers help you determine what hardscapes fit your land and lifestyle the best. Of course, you can keep it as simple as a grilling area with patio. Or, expand your indoor living outside with a kitchen and dining area. Fortunately, the Piedmont weather is perfect for nearly year ‘round outdoor fun!

Commercial Landscaping Services

Correspondingly, curb appeal matters for businesses as well. Perhaps, even more. In the first place, customers begin judging your worth and wares as soon as they walk toward your building. No matter how great your services may be, it doesn’t matter if you can’t even get customers to the door.

Landscape Solutions & Design provides expertise to make your business welcoming and attractive. Better yet, just as for our residential customers, you can see your completed project even before the shovels get moving! Additionally, our licensed professionals provide professional commercial grading. Moreover, we also ensure that your land is up to code for proper drainage.

Just a few of the options our designers can help you choose include:

  • Water features
  • Gazebos
  • Retaining walls
  • Specialized lighting
  • Sod installation
  • Irrigation

Keep in mind, whether you’ve chosen us for residential or commercial work, we offer year-round maintenance services. Enjoy your summer while we deal with mowing, mulching and trimming. Even though you may not be thinking about things like snow removal at the moment, we offer that as well!

Without delay, contact us today for a free overview on how we can enhance your outdoor spaces!