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​Why You Don’t Want to Ignore Winter Lawn Maintenance

Residential-Snow-PlowingBecause spring and summer are associated with greenery and things growing, once the gray days of fall and winter roll around, it can be easy to forget about your lawn. By now you have probably put your mower and any gardening tools away, with the idea that you will not need them until the warm weather returns. The truth is that in order to keep your yard looking its best, it should be cared for all year long. Now is the time to think about winter lawn maintenance and getting things ready for spring. These are the areas you will want to focus on:


Early winter is one of the best times to fertilize grass. During the months with hot weather, nutrients in the soil can be lost, but fertilizing will replace them, and the fertilizer will stay in the soil and feed the roots for the duration of the winter. When spring rolls around, no matter how harsh the winter was, your lawn will look green and healthy, which is why fertilization should be included in winter lawn maintenance.


Cleaning is an important part of winter lawn maintenance. Unless you have been very diligent, your lawn probably has logs, branches, or piles of leaves in various places. You will definitely want to clean up everything because these things could create dead spots. If you wait until the weather warms up, chances are the grass underneath will be thinner than the rest of your lawn.

Avoiding too much traffic

When grass is bright green and lush, people may be reluctant to walk on it. However, when it is brown, they may not think twice about traipsing across it. While grass can be tough, if the same areas are constantly getting a lot of foot traffic, it will have a hard time recovering. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this. The first is keeping sidewalks and paths free of ice and snow so folks will not be enticed to walk on the grass. The second tactic is to have a walkway put in, if you do not have one.

Adding in new elements

In addition to creating a specific place for traffic, a walkway will add a nice new feature to your yard. There are also other hardscapes you should consider for your winter lawn maintenance, such as a fire pit or fireplace. Either of these will allow you to spend more time outside and keep you warm even on the coldest nights. If your home sits on a slope, you may also want to think about a retaining wall, which will lessen the effect of soil erosion and enhance the appearance of your yard.

Count on Landscape Solutions & Design for your winter lawn maintenance

No matter which type of winter lawn maintenance you need, Landscape Solutions & Design can supply it. You can call us for a one-time job or let us take care of your yard year-round. For expert winter lawn maintenance, you can rely on the pros at Landscape Solutions & Design.Remember that caring for your lawn is a year-round project and our experts ensure that the tasks are performed at the appropriate times during the year.