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​Why Pondless Waterfalls Are Ideal Backyard Features

pondless waterfallsAre you considering backyard water features? Custom features not only add to the décor of your home but also increase the value of your property. There are many options available but you will find pondless waterfalls to be an ideal solution for your backyard. There are several benefits pondless waterfalls have over other water features.

Nice Aesthetic Appeal

Many people enjoy water features for the relaxing and tranquil environment they provide. Pondless waterfalls create an attractive focal point for your backyard. You don’t need a full waterfall with a pond to enjoy the sounds of falling water. With added features, you create a space that you and your guests will continually enjoy. Add rocks for a feel of nature and to create the illusion of a disappearing waterfall. Colored lighting is a great accent for the feature at night. Incorporating perimeter plants highlights the waterfall and adds a distinctive look.

Reduced Maintenance

Ponds and other water features often need weekly and seasonal maintenance performed. Without an actual pond of water, the maintenance is significantly reduced. Routine upkeep of pondless waterfalls is simple. It consists of adding water due to loss from evaporation or splashing and occasionally the addition of an algaecide to keep the water clear. When away from home for an extended period of time, the feature can be turned off or put on a timer. Instead of spending time removing leaves and winterizing your water feature, you can spend the time enjoying an active lifestyle. You still enjoy the sights and sounds of running water without the extensive maintenance.

Reduced cost

Less material and labor costs are needed with pondless waterfalls than with many other water hardscapes, such as a pond. Without the addition of a pond or water garden, pondless waterfalls take less time to install. The overall installation price is determined by the size and addition of other features such as lighting and plants. You also save on the expense with the reduced amount of maintenance needed.

Doesn’t Require Much Space

You are not limited by a small backyard. Pondless waterfalls are easily adaptable to the size of your space. You can feature a large cascading waterfall if you have the room. For a smaller space, you can opt for a smaller waterfall feature, but still enjoy the sounds and movement of water.


Safety is a concern especially where children and pets are concerned. Pondless waterfalls don’t present the same drowning hazards found with ponds or water gardens. The waterfall drains into a reservoir underground leaving no open water for pets or small children to get into. You still want to exercise caution with any type of water feature.

Pondless Waterfalls for Your Backyard

Your backyard landscape can give your home the character and appeal you desire. There are many benefits to choosing pondless waterfalls over other water features. Homeowners who want the beauty of water without the cost or maintenance required for other types will enjoy this water feature. Landscape Solutions services the Triad Area with quality residential landscape design and installation. No matter the size of your backyard, the technicians can design and install a pondless waterfall to complete your yard and to add value to your property. Call Landscape Solutions today.