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  • retaining wall ideas and installation

    Should You Hire Professionals for Building a Retaining Wall?

    If you have issues with soil erosion, one of the easiest landscaping solutions is a retaining wall. However, for most residential and commercial property owners, this is not an easy DIY project. Let’s talk about why building a retaining wall is a job left to the professionals in most cases, as well as a few […]

  • retaining wall blocks near me

    Read This Before You Buy Retaining Wall Blocks Near Me

    A steeply sloping yard can reduce the enjoyment of your home. It can be difficult to mow and walk on. Plus, you have to worry about water runoff and soil erosion. Usually, many homeowners will install a retaining wall to terrace and level a steeply graded yard. Yet, before you start searching for prices for […]

  • sloped front yard landscaping

    Gorgeous Sloped Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

    While a sloped property gives you some challenges, the right sloped front yard landscaping can boost your curb appeal. It’s all about choosing a landscaping design team who isn’t afraid to get creative. At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we have experience helping both residential and commercial clients make the most of whatever their property […]

  • Support for Your Garden – How to Build a Retaining Wall

    Retaining walls are the perfect solution if you want multiple soil levels in your landscape. They help soil and rocks stay in place, which can make your garden or yard more functional as well as beautiful. However, if you don’t know how to build a retaining wall the right way, it could collapse over the […]

  • commercial landscape companies

    How Can Commercial Landscape Companies Help Your Business?

    The exterior of your business is the first impression a customer has of your establishment. Therefore, it is important to exceed their expectations in that initial impression. How can you do that? An aesthetically pleasing exterior for a business is achieved through high-quality landscaping. Commercial landscape companies like Landscape Solutions & Design have experience in […]

  • kernersville landscaping

    Designing Your Landscape Garden

    If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your garden, getting some professional landscaping could be just the extra something your yard needs. Hiring a landscaper to set your garden up can make the rest of the process smoother, as you’ll have the benefit of their experience from the early stages of the process that […]

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    Retaining Walls for Residential and Commercial Properties

    Do you have drainage problems, a sloped yard or simply want to highlight landscaped areas in your outdoor space? Installing a retaining wall may be your solution. Basically, retaining walls are artificial structures which serve to resist the pressure of soil when a change in ground elevation exceeds the angle of repose. In this sense, […]