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Gorgeous Sloped Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

sloped front yard landscapingWhile a sloped property gives you some challenges, the right sloped front yard landscaping can boost your curb appeal. It’s all about choosing a landscaping design team who isn’t afraid to get creative. At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we have experience helping both residential and commercial clients make the most of whatever their property has to offer. Here in North Carolina, sloped front yards actually are not super uncommon, so don’t worry; we have several landscaping ideas you can use to make your home’s exterior look gorgeous.

Be Smart About Your Plants and Mulching

A sloped front yard landscaping design doesn’t have to include plants and mulching. However, if you love green spaces, we’ll help you choose the plants that make the most sense. We’ll design your landscape in order to keep the soil in place in addition to looking beautiful.

Mulch makes sense if you have a gentle slope. Shredded bark is a great mulch option, since it breaks down slowly and gives you the stability needed with a sloped yard. As an added bonus, it is also a relatively inexpensive option and it is an environmentally-friendly by-product from other industries.

With steeper slopes, mulch may just wash away. Instead, you’ll want to choose a mix of plants that provide ground cover and plants with deep roots to provide stability. Creeping red fescue, creeping phlox, Virginia creeper, broad beech fern, and many native wildflowers are among the plants that are good for providing ground cover here in North Carolina. Rhododendron, winterberry, and other medium to large shrubby plants native to our area, as well as trees, are best for providing stability.

Add Retaining Walls to Create Tiers

If you have more than a gentle slope, you’re going to want a retaining wall. For large properties, it often makes sense to use a series of retaining walls for a tiered approach. We can grade your yard into large “steps” each with its own stone, concrete, or brick retaining wall. This gives you areas to add plants or large landscape decor. It also provides more stability to your slope, since a single retaining wall for a large sloped area has to hold back several tons of soil.

When you work with the Landscape Solutions & Design team, we ensure that you love the look of your new tiered retaining walls. We can incorporate outdoor lighting, for example, to highlight the beauty of your yard. Additionally, we can add built-in seating to take the place of railings, which are required in some areas depending on your retaining wall height. For material, we have many options available, including stamped concrete and various types/colors of stone and brick.

Build a Deck or Porch

Usually, customers build hardscapes like decks, porches, and patios at the back of a home, but if you have a steep front yard, it might make sense to build a tiered hardscape in the front instead. This eliminates the need to mow on a steep slope. It’s also a great option if you don’t care for outdoor maintenance such as mulching and weeding (though we can take care of those tasks for you as well).

We have several decking material options to match your home’s style. This includes an easy-to-maintain vinyl material called Tufdek. We are currently the only Authorized Tufdek Dealer in North Carolina. This is an extremely durable and waterproof option that comes in a wide range of colors including “cool step” color options that give you a cooler surface even during the hottest summer days here in the south.

Create a Rock Garden for Stability and Ease

Another unique option for a steeply sloped landscape is to create a rock garden. We’re not talking about smaller mulch-sized rocks. Those can be a good option to help control erosion. However, to make a real statement, you can also choose very large rocks, strategically places to provide stability for your landscape.

Often, large rocks are a good option if you can’t plant large trees. They can also work well while you are waiting for trees to grow. We recommend using large rocks in conjunction with ground cover plants, shrubs, and mulch, to create a cohesive landscape design.

FAQs about Hiring a Company to Help with Your Sloped Front Yard Landscaping

It can be hard to deal with a sloped front yard. Landscaping any yard can be complicated, but a steep slope is especially tough to manage. We have confidence that we can create a landscape you love, like we do for our other happy clients. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our landscaping services. Here are a few FAQs to get you started:

How do I know I’ll like my finished landscape design?

We use innovative 3D design programs to give you a realistic look of your property. This allows you to really inspect and approve our designs before we start the work. Our design programs are so detailed that we can even add outdoor furniture, people, and pets to give you a real sense of the space.

What other special features can you add to my landscape?

We love helping our clients with unique landscaping features. This includes water features such as waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, and more

How much does landscaping cost?

Landscaping costs depend on a number of factors such as the size of your yard, the amount of grading we need to do, the features you choose, and more. We’ll talk about budget during our free initial meeting so you know exactly what to expect. Click here to contact us so we can give you a free quote for your sloped front yard landscaping.