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​We’ve Got Some Great Pondless Waterfall Ideas for You


If you take great pride in your home, you have probably embarked on several home improvement projects. These may just have involved updating your home décor or perhaps an addition or a complete room renovation. And while your home’s interior is looking great, what about the exterior? It is possible that you have spent all of your time working on the inside and forgotten about the outside. If this is the case, it is time to do something about it. There are a number of ways to augment your landscaping, and some of the best options include water. A water feature can immediately enhance any yard, but it does not have to be big or intrusive. A waterfall without a basin, for example, is always a nice addition. Read on to learn about some interesting pondless waterfall ideas.

Why go with a pondless waterfall?

First of all, we should discuss the basics of a pondless waterfall. When you think of a waterfall you probably picture water following off a ledge into some sort of pool. While certainly nice, this may not work for every yard because this type of feature can take up a lot of space. The nice thing about a pondless waterfall is that it does not have to be big and can fit in a small corner.

Another reason why some people do not want a place for water to collect is for safety purposes. If a household contains small children – or perhaps there are kids in the neighborhood – there is always a danger. In addition, water can attract mosquitoes and other undesirable creatures.

Pondless waterfalls are also good for people who do not want to dramatically transform their landscape or spend a lot of money doing so. Without having to create a pond – and the materials and labor that goes into it – costs are greatly reduced. Time and money spent on maintenance are also reduced.

5 Pondless waterfall ideas

The great aspect of pondless waterfalls is that there are so many possibilities, including:

Disappearing – The water flows in a circle; disappearing underground.

Stream bed – This is a bed of rocks that the water flows along, which makes a nice, peaceful sound.

Bridge – You can create your own little oasis by having a bridge put over the stream from the waterfall.

Cascade – A compact pondless waterfall, this option lets water run over a series of paving stones.

Wall – Another great choice utilizes a stone wall, out of which the water flows.

Talk to the pros at Landscape Solutions & Design about your pondless waterfall ideas

The above choices are just a few suggestions. If you have your own ideas about how you would like your pondless waterfall to look, get in touch with Landscape Solutions & Design. Whatever you are thinking about, we can almost certainly create it for you. Our 3-D technology allows you to see the finished project and make changes, before we begin the work! To learn more about what we can do for you or to get a free quote, contact us.