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​Tips on Landscaping Greensboro NC Residents Can Use

Landscape-Maintenance-Plans-Keep-Your-Property-Picture-Perfect-Year-RoundThe right landscaping can transform your home into a work of beauty. Well-manicured lawns, shrubs, and gardens increase your home’s curb appeal and value. Trees and bushes can increase privacy and help save energy. To reap these benefits, you need landscaping that is properly installed and maintained. Here are some tips to help with your landscaping project.

Determine What Kind of Yard You Want

Do you just want your yard to be beautiful or do you also want it to be functional? Gardens and flower beds are great ways to draw attention to the landscape. Native wildflowers, plants, trees, and shrubs require less maintenance because they thrive in the North Carolina climate. If you plan to have a swimming pool, outdoor dining area, fountains, or any other structures, you want the landscaping to accent these features.

Use Landscaping to Reduce Energy Costs

By carefully selecting and positioning plants and trees for your landscape, you can reduce energy costs by up to 25%. Shady trees, especially in front of windows, block out direct sunlight that tends to increase the temperature inside the home. This results in less air conditioning costs. Nicely lined shrubbery can block cold air and the wind in the winter months and keep your heating bills down.

Group Flowers and Plants in Garden Beds

Grouping flowers and plants that have similar requirements for sun, shade, soil and irrigation makes their care easier. You also avoid having to mow or trim around each plant, saving time. Native wildflowers such as Wild Geranium and Woodland Sunflower thrive in partly shaded and average to dry moisture common in North Carolina’s fall season. Since four seasons are a part of the climate in the Greensboro NC area, there are a variety of plants and flowers that will thrive in the different seasons.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

Take on your project with a professional landscaping company. Make sure they are experienced. When contracting a landscaping company, do your due diligence. Check the company’s rating with the local Better Business Bureau. You can see how long the company has been in business and if any complaints have been lodged against them. It is also important to note how many and what kind of complaints were submitted and how they were resolved.

Check if the company is licensed and if it is a member of a professional organization. Their credentials, along with the length of time in business, lend further credibility to the company’s quality of work. Most importantly, ask for referrals and take a look at their past projects. A competent landscaping company will have no problem producing proof of their work quality. In addition, they should provide a guarantee on their work.

Triad Landscaping Greensboro, NC

A company such as Landscape Solutions can take your home to a new level with services to keep your grounds in top condition and curb appeal. The professionals at Landscape Solutions have extensive experience and creative technicians who can help you design your landscape with the right combination of plants, trees, and shrubs. They have cutting-edge software to help with the planning process and show you what your property will look like when the project is completed. This gives you the opportunity to make changes even before the work has begun! Not many landscape companies offer the variety of services that are available from Landscape Solutions. If you already have a design planned, the experts at Landscape Solutions can install and maintain your landscape. Your home is your pride and Landscape Solutions can help you show it. Call today for a free estimate.